Ecover Laundry Wash Reviews

Clean Clean Clean


Pros: safe, clean

Cons: cost

 Works great, clothes are clean - darks, whites and everything in between.  I love using something with no dyes and no perfumes that is safe for the environment and safe for me!The only negative is the cost - per load, it is considerably more expensive than leading detergents.  However, to me - the pros far outweigh the cons.

works great, smells great!


Pros: works very well, smells wonderful

Cons: pricey, can't read measurments in cap.

I love this detergent. Overall it works wonderfully and I love the mild smell that it has. It's not over powering like most detergents while at the same time, has a scent. It is somewhat expensive and you have to guess on the amount because the measurements on the cap are impossible to read!

Israeli version = Ecofriend


Pros: Effective, guilt-free, nice scent

After becoming hooked on the idea of guilt-free laundry, but somewhat disappointed with early incarnations, I discovered this wonderful product (I bought it in the gallon size). It definitely gets clothes clean and fresh. Like other biodegradable detergents, it has an orange scent.

Ecover Laundry great stuff


Pros: Concentrated, good for front loaders, non-drip cap and works

Cons: Price

I really love this product. Most of the time 1/2 a capful is enough. I have a front loader and I can only use certain detergents. I am also very impressed with the non-drip cap. I've tried others and they clean fine as well, but what a mess their caps make. I'm currently trying to use up a bottle of something else and it's make a huge sticky mess. The down side to this and other eco products is the price. I know someday that will change.