Ecover Fabric Softener Reviews


nice fabric softner


Pros: eco-friendly, good price, nice smell

Cons: none that I can think of

I don't use this all the time but when I do need a fabric softner this is a good one. It's good a nice smell, it's very eco-friendly, and it's a decently priced product. If you absolutely have to use a fabric softner I'd recommend this one.

Initial Impression - Excellent!


Pros: Safe, clean, soft clothes,

Cons: None

 This fabric softener smells so good!  Not chemical or perfumey - my clothes really smell like they were dried outside on the clothesline - completely neutral but fresh.  My husband agreed.  The clothes also came out of the dryer with no wrinkles.

1Ecover Fabric Softener- Great Product


Pros: Eco friendly

Cons: A little pricey

I switched to using Ecover fabric softener when wanting somethig greener and safer for my family. I didn't want to completley give up using fabric softener so I decided to use Ecover. I found it to work just as well as traditional softners, and I will purchase it again.



Pros: Natural

Cons: Does not leave much scent on clothes.

I like this product and probably will continue to purchase it. I like the scent but it does not linger on the clothes very long.

smells lovely


Pros: softens

i love the scent, wish they had others to choose from, but am happy. our clothes always come out soft and smelling just the right light touch of goodness, not overpowering. love that ecover is a green company. they have a grass roof for their company bldg. that's cool.