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A Review On: Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash + Polish

Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash + Polish

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Pros: Works Really Well! Cleans and Polishes Car Exterior! Great For The Whole Car!

Cons: Just Make Sure to Have More Than One Towel...

This review is somewhat tongue-in-cheek....

I received this fantastic product in the mail as part of the first Huddler.com prize pack! I used this to wash my Civic Hybrid on a cool day here in the Miami Valley (55F) and was very much pleased with the results!

As many of you may be aware, water is a resource that not every state has in abundance. In fact, Georgia recently declared that they may need to invade Tenn. in order to secure water for their state residents:

Atlanta, thankfully, also pressed ahead with a more realistic proposal to curtail residents water usage. One of their proposals was to encourage car owners to not wash their cars, but instead be prideful of their water conservation by leaving their car dirty! (I recently visited the city a month or so ago and had a fascinating discussion with a city resident) So, for those of you in Atlanta or for those of you who would like to just cut-back on the amount of waste they produce through their everyday activities, I highly recommend this product!

Per the directions on the bottle, I washed the hood and trunk, followed by the door panels. I did not use this on any glass, since I had recently washed the car and only brought one viscose towel with me. I was very pleased with the way this product cut though some grease and grim on my hybrid and left a smooth silky finish! This product does work! Having washed the bulk of the hybrid, I decided to try a little more adventurous areas of that rarely get properly washed: wheels, tires, and the mud flaps. For the mud flaps, I was astonished at how much grease and grim came up with little effort on my part! This product is even able to cut through brake dust and road grim on wheels, and does not do that bad of a job polishing up the tires!

Now, onto the ingredients list: This product contains coconut derived surfactants (coconut soap), soy based polymers (the part responsible for the silky finish on the paint) and water. Thus, each ingredient is immediately recognizable and nothing harmful or dangerous to you or the environment is contained in the bottle. I concur with the manufacturer that you should get about 6 car cleanings with this one bottle, assuming a compact car (based on my experience with the civic hybrid). Additionally, this product is great for the whole car, not just the paint and windows. If you intend to was the whole car, bring a couple towels. Even though I used a viscose towel and was able to wring out the excess moisture from time to time, having multiple towels handy will accelerate the washing.

Highly recommended and it works!


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