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A Review On: Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash + Polish

Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash + Polish

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     Wicked Clean LLC is a mobile auto detailing company, and we strive to be on the leading edge of products in the industry, to better insure customer satisfaction, and an unbelievable detail. At Wicked Clean we also strive to keep our product line as "green" and environmentally sound as possible. The products provided by Eco Touch were an unbelievable fit with our company. The waterless car wash is an innovated product that leaves terrific results! We would not trust our clients cars with any other product. We have eco-touched everything from Lamborghinis and Porsches to Dodge mini vans, and the eco-touch never fails with its quality. If you are looking for a green detailing product for your car with great results look no further. Eco Touch as an extremely well run company, and have a quality product line to back up the name. The other products they offer such as the dash and trim cleaner/conditioner, and carpet stain remover work very well, and also are used on a regular basis by Wicked Clean. Eco Touch is the only company we know of that will actually display their ingredients on the packaging, so you know that there truly are no harmful chemicals. These products work extremely well, and truly have the environment in mind. If anyone has questions about the product that we use on a daily basis, feel free to contact Wicked Clean LLC at


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