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Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash + Polish

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Pros: saves water, easy to use, effective

Cons: requires a bit of effort

So Eco Touch - good stuff! I purchased the starter kit for $20, and it came with a 22 oz bottle of Eco Touch and two microfiber towels. Not a bad deal. The two towels allow you to get some nice wax on-wax off action going.

The stuff is easy to use - just spray on, wipe off, and give a final wipe with the second towel. I had quite a few bird poops on my car, and it did a good job of removing them. It required some extra rubbing, but that's to be expected, and most of the poop was successfully removed. It was equally as effective as normal soap and water washing.

The water savings of Eco Touch are really great. Consider how much water is wasted when you fill up a bucket of soapy water and spray down your car, or go through a car wash. Then consider you do the same job with around 8 ounces of Eco Touch. I'm really impressed with the stuff - no more car washes for me!


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