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Eco Touch Dashboard and Trim


Pros: non-greasy, no fruity smells, excellent cleaner

Just tried this Eco Touch product out and loved it!! So much better than the old Armor All cleaner I have used for years. The Eco Touch Dashboard + Trim took off all the dust and didn't leave a greasy finish on my car (or hands). Wasn't shiny, left a matte finish which makes it better when the sun in reflecting off the dash. Overall I am very pleased!!


Pros: water-less

Cons: trigger spray

i have a huge mini-van and think my hand will cramp from all the spraying.
when i finally get the courage to go for it, i'll amend this review. lol.

Ok. so I never used it on my mini-van. But I recently purchased a scooter to save on gas and have used it on the scooter. The product works great. I had some dried up bug bits and it came off just fine. Made the shinning silver parts of my scooter sparkle. Did not leave a streak or residue to the scoot, which is mostly plastic and not metal.


Pros: It gives a nice finish to the inside dash and control section of his Jeep!

Cons: Because it isn't greasy, more dust comes quickly.

My son loves his Jeep and when he goes driving without the top on, lots of dust and dirt fill his vehicle!
I bought him this as a safer alternative to what he was using. He is pretty satisfied wit this "Ecotouch"
car item. Thanks, Cindi

Eco Touch Dashboard and Trim

* 22 oz dashboard trim * safely cleans dashboards, leather, vinyl * restores natural shine * no greasy residues * non-toxic, biodegradable, silicone-free Go ahead, pamper your car’s interior with Eco Touch ™ Dashboard Trim. We call it…interior indulgence. While some like silicones in their products, we prefer au natural. And, with a grease-free finish, you won’t be left with a mess on your hands once you’re done. So sit back, smile, and enjoy your freshly cleansed dashboard. Eco Touch once again keeps your car – and conscience clean. Ingredients: Water, biodegradable surfactants (coconut-derived), organic solvent, water-soluble polymers, preservative.

Size22 oz.
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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › Car Care › Eco Touch Dashboard and Trim