EcoSelect 100% Biodegradable Dryer Sheets Reviews

Positive Reviews


Works Great


Pros: Earth-friendly, non toxic, no dyes, no animal testing, made from renewable resources

Cons: May need to use more than you normally would

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon these at wal-mart, although they no longer carry them at my wal-mart here. They smell great (I purchased the lavender scent), and the scent is not as overpowering as traditional dryers sheets. The instructions say to use one sheet per load, but I quickly learned you'll probably need two or three. I definitely recommend these :] Quote from box: "Our sheets are lab tested using ASTM D 2020=92 test method B, to verify compostability. These soil burial test results showed EcoSelect 100% Biodegradable Dryer Sheets totally degraded in 21 days. EcoSelect 100% Biodegradable Dryer Sheets are not tested on animals and are made from 100%...
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Negative Reviews


Good idea but not happy


Pros: 100% biodegradable, carton 100% recycled matter

Cons: doesn't help static

This is a good idea. Clothes had no odd smell but they still had static in them. I use dryer sheets to control static so will not buy this again.

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Prefer to use Dryer Balls

I really prefer to use the dryer balls available from Norwex.  I never need a dryer sheet and they are really effective.  Available from

EcoSelect dryer sheets


Pros: Reduce static

I not sure where I found these sheets.  I am always looking for scent free dryer sheets and shop several stores.  I found that these sheets really stop the static much better than Bounce, which I was using before I opened this box.  I use the sheets more than once so a box goes a long way with me.  They were definately worth what ever I paid for them as I hate getting zapped when taking clothes out of the dryer.  With Bounce I was using liquid and dryer sheets to keep from getting zapped.