Econobum Full Kit Reviews


functional basic diaper


Pros: very inexpensive, great for daytime use, interchangeable with other covers and inserts

Cons: not organic, single row of buttons makes it tougher to get proper fit, no colors, slightly bulky

This kit is awesome.  I never thought I could get started with cloth diapering for such a small investment.  The diapers work great and rarely, if ever, leak.   I had a little trouble figuring out the fit in the beginning, and they are a tad on the bulky side.  I found that, because there is only a single row of buttons, I need to pull the excess fabric tight and then tuck it in behind the buttons to get a tight fit around the legs.  I also purchased some Flip diapers for night time, because the EconoBum prefolds are just too bulky to double up at night.  It is nice that these are interchangeable with our Flip covers and inserts.