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EcoLED 165-LED PAR38 Light


Pros: mecahnically sound

Cons: short life, high cost, poor light quality

I purchased one of these almost exactly six months ago.  First impression was a good one - the bulb is pretty solidly constructed with a heavy glass lens.  After installing, though, it was clear that I couldn't replace the compact fluorescent bulbs with these - the light is too dingy(?) - not pleasant at all.  My wife had been complaining about the light quality from the CFL's.  After seeing this bulb, she no longer complains so I guess that made it worth the $35 :-)  Since I paid for it I put it in the kitchen where it's light will get enhanced by the array of CFL's (can lighting) on the same circuit.  A few months later, I noticed about 20% of the LED's weren't lit (a pie piece was missing so the LED array looked like a pacman).  This morning I noticed another pie piece missing so I am now down to 60% light output after ~2000 hours.  I have CFL's still going from last year on the same circuit.  Hard to justify 7X the cost for something that performs worse and will have to replace twice as often.  Glad I only bought one.

EcoLED 165-LED PAR38 Light

The EcoLEDs 165-LED PAR38 white spotlight is an energy-efficient replacement for PAR38 light bulbs. It's part of our more affordable line of LED lights based on first-generation LED technology (using a large number of smaller LED components rather than a single, high-end LED component like our 10-watt LED light bulb). Using about 1/10th the electricity of a 60-watt light bulb, this 165-LED PAR38 white spotlight reduces CO2 emissions by 5,450 pounds over its life (50,000 hours of operation). It also produces almost no excess waste heat, and runs at a cool 115 degrees (F), which is cool enough to touch, even after hours of operation. This light is RoHS certified, meaning it adheres to strict European guidelines concerning the Reduction of Hazardous Substances. Contains absolutely no mercury (like fluorescent lights do). Operates on both U.S. voltage (110v AC) and European voltage (220 - 240v AC), no special voltage adapters required. Benefits summary: * $272.50 in electricity savings over its life (compared to a 60W incandescent bulb) * 5,450 pound reduction in CO2 emissions * Reduces landfill by 50 light bulbs * Contains no mercury like compact fluorescents The EcoLEDs 165-LED PAR38 spotlight is a directional light perfect for use in recessed lighting, down lights, light cans or other directional light applications. It is the same size and shape as a typical PAR38 bulb, but slightly heavier due to the use of more dense, higher-end components. It is weather resistant and can be successfully used outdoors, even in high humidity environments (as long as it is not directly exposed to rain). Typical applications for this light are: * Desk lamps. * Kitchen spotlights or down lights. * Recessed lights or light cans in homes and offices. * Outdoor lights for use at night. * Garage or workshop lights. * Lights operating on a solar system (these LED lights are 300% more efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs). This LED light comes with a Certificate of CO2 Emissions Reduction that allows you to publicly display your commitment to reducing CO2 emissions through the use of energy-efficient lighting products. Quality and workmanship are backed by a 1-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This light offers an exceptional value in today's LED light marketplace, delivering far more light for your dollar than competing lights sold on the internet. However, it is not nearly as impressive as our 7-watt or 10-watt lights which use second-generation LED components and produce brighter, more focused light beams. Yet this light does what it promises: It produces bright white light with outstanding energy efficiency and very long bulb life. It is far superior to incandescent light technology and contains no mercury like fluorescent lights. It's a great choice for those who want to save electricity but want something more affordable than our premium LED lights.

Energy Star Qualification
Additional Features
Average Life Hours50,000
Incandescent Wattage Equivalent60
Bulb ShapeSpotlight
Base Type
Available Color Temperature
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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