EcoJots Journals and Composition Books Reviews

Buying in the UK

For anyone wanting to by these notebooks and Journals in the UK or Europe, you can find them at I really love mine, they a funky, and have no bleed though.

Eco Jot is the only way to go!


Pros: Designs are cool, great quality, affordable

Cons: Not a one!

I Love my Eco-Jot notebook!  I use it for everything from doodles to important notes!  They have cutting edge designs and their books are affordable unlike some of their competetors books.  I am an Eco-Jot user for life and my only dilemma will be picking one of their cool designs when I need a replacement...yikes!

Groovy, Pop, Vintage/Modern Eyecandy


Pros: Sweet Images that are modern and vintage at the same time

Cons: wish they had more and more

What's not to like about these? They are very vintage and very modern at the same time. I love that the designer creates whimsical images that bring a smile to heart and soul. I found these at Barnes and Noble and wanted to buy them all. Tree Free! Yippeee