EcoJots Journals and Composition Books


Pros: Designs are cool, great quality, affordable

Cons: Not a one!

I Love my Eco-Jot notebook!  I use it for everything from doodles to important notes!  They have cutting edge designs and their books are affordable unlike some of their competetors books.  I am an Eco-Jot user for life and my only dilemma will be picking one of their cool designs when I need a replacement...yikes!


Pros: Sweet Images that are modern and vintage at the same time

Cons: wish they had more and more

What's not to like about these? They are very vintage and very modern at the same time. I love that the designer creates whimsical images that bring a smile to heart and soul.


I found these at Barnes and Noble and wanted to buy them all.


Tree Free! Yippeee

EcoJots Journals and Composition Books

"ecojot is a green and delicious stationery line designed by Carolyn Gavin. The paper is 100% recycled from 100% post consumer waste: so NO NEW TREES were used in the process. This means that your old bills, cereal boxes and yesterday's news is recreated into these exciting journals, workbooks, agendas, file folders and sketchbooks. It is also 100% designed AND made in Canada".

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