Ecogear Genus Bag - eco-friendly backpack Reviews


Ecogear Genus Backpack is perfect for light hiking or school - especially nice for college kids due to pockets and style


Pros: Eco-friendly materials, nice style and color choices, lots of pockets.

Cons: Bad water bottle holder

The Ecogear Genus Series from Ecogear is available in five flavors but I got the Mohave Tui Bag style.  Bag is available in three colors; garnet, slate, and ebony and is sized, 18.5 in. x 12 in. x 6 in. I got the garnet bag which was given to me, had it been up to me I would have picked slate - because I'm not a fan of the color red. However, I actually liked this red, which was more of a deep burgundy vs. true red. Genus bags come in various styles but all feature the same eco-perks.This is a great pack for the day-to-day (school, work, etc) but it’s also rugged enough to take on a hike or even on the river if you have an extra water bottle holder. Eco Perks: constructed of Ecoweave...
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