Ecogear Genus Bag - eco-friendly backpack


Pros: Eco-friendly materials, nice style and color choices, lots of pockets.

Cons: Bad water bottle holder

The Ecogear Genus Series from Ecogear is available in five flavors but I got the Mohave Tui Bag style.  Bag is available in three colors; garnet, slate, and ebony and is sized, 18.5 in. x 12 in. x 6 in. I got the garnet bag which was given to me, had it been up to me I would have picked slate - because I'm not a fan of the color red. However, I actually liked this red, which was more of a deep burgundy vs. true red. Genus bags come in various styles but all feature the same eco-perks.

This is a great pack for the day-to-day (school, work, etc) but it’s also rugged enough to take on a hike or even on the river if you have an extra water bottle holder.

Eco Perks:

  • constructed of Ecoweave (Ecogear’s patented PVC-free, harm-free coating) and toxic-free dyes.
  • Toxic-free
  • Chlorine-free
  • No dioxin, phthalates or heavy metals
  • There are zero ozone-depleting chemicals in this bag.
  • When this bag is burned for recycling it won't create H2O and CO2.

Other cool stuff about this bag and company:
  • Ecogear makes other bags from recycled PET bottles (Recycle Series).
  • They carry a nice kids line of green kid bags which is extra nice because I’ve got an 8-year-old, and finding green gear for tots over 5 years of age is tough. Lastly Ecogear is a company to keep your eye on too - they’ve got a cool new  coming soon that includes bags made with recycled PET bottles.

Other Genus Bag Features I like

  • Water-resistant zipper
  • MP3 player pouch with port
  • Ergo-padded shoulder straps and a padded lower back section as well.
  • Scads of outer pockets and internal organizer pockets too.
  • Made with Scotchlite Reflective Material - so safer for night walkers and bikers.



This bag has nice style. It's red and black but has this great pop of orange trim when you open the bag’s two main pockets and the contrasting colors look great together. It came packaged in a recycled office supply box, which was nice (reuse). The bag is slim so it doesn't extend sideways too much when you wear it. It's also SUPER comfortable with this awesome padded lower back and padded shoulder straps. The padding keeps the bag comfortable even after stuffing it full with books. 

There are so many pockets you almost can't keep track. I like that feature because I always have a million little things - keys, lipgloss, pens, etc. The MP3 player pouch with port was in the perfect spot for keeping your music handy. The zipper rock too. The bag features super fatty zippers that are easy to hold and solid. Plus the zippers are slightly curved which adds function (less slippery) and style (looks cool).

One problem with this bag is the water bottle holder. It doesn't fit my Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle which is a bummer. It's too short. It might fit a kid-sized water bottle.


If you can carry your water bottle though, this bag is overall a really nice choice.

Ecogear Genus Bag - eco-friendly backpack

The Genus series is a line of rugged, yet sleek and stylish backpacks and messenger bags made from Ecoweave, Ecogear’s patented PVC-free, harm-free coating. Some also feature laptop carriers.

Additional FeaturesWell priced eco-backpacks with a full kids and adult line. The genius line features 5 various backpack styles.
Materialconstructed of Ecoweave (Ecogear’s patented PVC-free, harm-free coating) and toxic-free dyes. No dioxin, phthalates or heavy metals, and chlorine-free
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