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EcoDiscoveries Kitchen Counters & Appliances Cleaner


Pros: easy to use

Cons: not great with grease, irritating

I tried this on several things to see how it compares to my home made cleaners. It does a great job on countertops (as long as they are not too greasy) and it was great for cleaning my kitchen cabinets and other vertical surfaces (I sprayed on a wet cloth and wiped them clean). On the other hand, it did not do as great on tough accumulated dirt on the sink or the stove top. I wasted too much time and had to revert to other things to clean them completely. In other words this is a good every day cleaner  but not a good heavy duty one.


Update: the next time I used it, I noticed that it is not exactly fragrance free but actually has a chemical smell. I also found that it irritated my nose and throat. I would sure love to know what caused that...


Pros: the salvage my stuff cleaner

I know it's for the kitchen but I use it on everything. I use it on my slate floors. I recently had my house remodeled and the contractors got every kind of goo on every kind of surface. I use it on my carpets and it doesn't bleach them. I used to to de-crust some vintage sconces. I use it to clean the dog bowls. It even rescued my oven and baking sheets from my husband's BBQ ribs adventure. I hate oven cleaner. I won't use anything that requires a mask. Who really wants to spray oven cleaner where their food goes? I also use it to clean my fridge and freezer because i know it won't get into my ice.


Pros: Streak Free on Chrome

Cons: Not great on "baked on" mess

I like this kitchen cleaner.  It really cleans the counters well.  It also leaves a nice streak free shine on my chrome appliances.  The only thing that it doesn't do a super job on, and most things don't, is spills on the stove that have dried or cooked on.  I guess I'm not that clean of a cook because there always seems to be something hard on the stove after I've cooked dinner.  Weather it be spaghetti sauce or egg white. 

I like that this doesn't have a sent.  I think that clean shouldn't have a smell to it.

Overall, I would buy this product again.


Pros: Cleans up spaghetti sauce without any hesitation

Cons: Strange smell

I've kind of let the house cleaning slide while I am busy with my student teaching, so I've only used this spray once so far.  But when I used it to clean the stove top (splattered spaghetti sauce that was left for several days), the sauce was gone in one quick wipe.  No scrubbing needed.


In the future, I will have to try experimenting with cleaning other surfaces, but for a first try, this spray seemed to work well.  The one downside- it has a strange smell, which I don't really like.  Not hold your breath bad, or in a "open a window for ventilation before your lungs curl up and die" way, but it's just kinda funky smelling.


Pros: Good job on typical surface cleaning...

Cons: Challenged by big cleaning jobs, odd smell.

Have been using this cleaner around our home now for a few days and found it is a good all-purpose general cleaner.  It is "Fragrance Free", so don't expect lemony goodness - kind of an odd smell, but tolerable.  Great on our tile counter tops, spot cleaning our floor tiles, wiping down the kitchen table, etc.  Was a bit challenged by our stove top, but it did most of the job - had to go to another type of cleaner to finish that greasy mess...   Nearly everything we try it on it can get the job done.

EcoDiscoveries Kitchen Counters & Appliances Cleaner

EcoDiscoveries is the only safe and effective solution for a clean kitchen. The natural emulsifiers are powerful enough to blast through grease and are still safe around food and family. This formula is petro-chemical free, giving you a healthy kitchen environment. Safe has a shiny side. Features & Benefits We make our Kitchen free from hazardous chemicals so yours can be too. * Non-Toxic * Petroleum-Free * Ammonia-Free * Hypoallergenic * Biodegradable * Glycol-Free * Caustic-Free * Fragrance-Free * Chlorine-Free * Phosphate-Free * No Animal Testing * Dye-Free The formula is designed to target the fats, oils, sugars, and starches that are found in your kitchen. Food splatters and spills are easy to clean up. Where to Use Our Kitchen is safe for the many surfaces of your kitchen. Spray and wipe clean on any surface that can have contact with water such as: appliances, enameled surfaces, laminate, countertops, floors, stainless steel, natural stone, marble, granite, wood, plastic, rubber, vinyl, tile, glass, and more. Ingredients Water, surfactants (from coconuts), citric acid (from lemons & limes).

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