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EcoDiscoveries Bathroom Sink & Vanity Cleaner


Pros: Cuts through scum

Cons: none

I read some of the other reviews and I can tell you I have been using EcoDiscoveries products for years.  The bathroom cleaner is for natural stone surfaces and is a more gentle cleaner.  For tough soup scum the Tub and Tile is amazing.  It is my favorite product with their glass cleaner a close second.  Think of Scrubbing Bubbles compared to Tilex.   That is how I would compare their Bathroom Cleaner to The Tub and Tile.  The nice thing about each is their is no fragrance associated with either one.  You don't need to open a window while cleaning the shower.  The glass cleaner leaves no streaks.  I found a little goes a long way with that product. You only need a light squirt. Basically, I really like all of their products.  I even called them to help me with a mold problem.  I give them 2 thumbs up.


Pros: great for a quick clean up

Cons: not great for build-up

Like deej I feel this product works fine for light cleaning, but am not impressed by it's heavey duty cleaning power. this is a great product for a quick clean up or wipe down, but not so effective on build up.


Pros: subtle odor

Cons: not very powerful

I've been using this stuff around the Huddler office and definitely haven't been floored with its effectiveness. It handles normal dirt just fine, but soap scum and the heavier stuff around the sink and toilet takes some serious scrubbing.


Pros: Non-stinky, safe for my dogs

It cut through the shaving mess my husband made. I have very "licky" dogs and this is safe for them. I use it on the bathroom floor too. It cleaned up the mess the plumber made including the glue and putty he got all over my floor. I was really glad I didn't have to use a solvent to get the adhesive off my floor.


Pros: Works VERY well!!!

Great natural product that works splendidly around my kitchen. It removes grease & spills quickly and better than other natural alternatives that i've tried in the past.

Oh, it doesn't have an odor - no nasty fragrances!

EcoDiscoveries Bathroom Sink & Vanity Cleaner

EcoDiscoveries is the only safe and effective solution for a sparkling clean bathroom. Natural plant-derived surfactants will give your bathroom a real clean, free of harmful residues. Remove stains while creating a cleaner environment for your family. Safe has a bright side.

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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › House Cleaners › EcoDiscoveries Bathroom Sink & Vanity Cleaner