Eco Tools Recycled Aluminum Retractable Kabuki Brush Reviews


Great for blush, powder, or foundation


Pros: Made with recycled aluminum and cruelty free bristles, handy for travel, part of 1% for the Planet

Cons: A little hard to get out of the pouch the first time

So let's be honest.  Most makeup brushes are either cheap and junky or ridiculously expensive.  This kabuki brush from EcoTools is really reasonable in price and it's served me really well so far.   So in terms of the brush itself...the bristles are made from Taklon which is synthetic and thus cruelty free.  That's one point for EcoTools.  The bristles aren't too stiff, move nicely across one's face, but don't get bent out of shape easily.  They're also quite soft.  So going from my one-year old foundation brush to this one was honestly quite a joy.   The other hugely awesome thing about this brush is the casing.  It's made from recycled aluminum (and in terms of energy efficiency,...
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