Eco Tools Bamboo Lash & Brow Groomer Reviews


Great Company, Great Product


Pros: 1% for the Planet participant, recycled & sustainable materials, cruelty-free, effective

Cons: Hard to get out of the package

I have used this handy little tool everyday since receiving it and I have to say I enjoy it a lot because I have put off buying a new one since mine broke due to not being able to find a suitable eco-friendly replacement.  Although I'm not sure how much a lash & brow groomer can differ from one another (seems like a pretty basic model) I give major credit to the company as they seem to have covered all of their basis.   Recycled materials are used, the brush part is cruelty free and they are using sustainable bamboo as opposed to plastic for the handle.  I also love that they participate in the 1% for the planet program.  To my surprise when I was going to open the package (which was...
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