Eco-logical Smart Strip


Pros: Affordable, Works as Directed!

I run the blog/store,, so I'm biased as to the great customer service offered on this website, but truthfully, this is the Best Smart Strip on the market hands down, which is why I offer this product for sale. I have other un-named models sitting non-functional in a heap. This unit is manually adjustable with a little dial, so no software required to get this thing to work with my low power laptop. I have it set to only function on power down rather than hibernate, so peripherals only turn off when I shut my computer down, rather than when I step away for 20 minutes for coffee/bathroom/phone call breaks.


I have a 10-outlet model on my entertainment center.


I love this thing!

Eco-logical Smart Strip
Description: energy saving surge protector is manually adjustable and uses less power. Good for computer workstations or home entertainment centers.

Additional Featuresmanually adjustable
TypePower strip
Release DateSeptember 2008
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC