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eco.kid Nourish Daily Conditioner


Pros: Works as described

Cons: No shampoo/conditioner combo

Worked as it should, made our boys hair nice and smooth. It seems a bit thicker, so it took a few more rinses to get out, but their hair looked good.


My only beef, and this i just a personal preference, is that it is just conditioner, not a shampoo/conditioner combo, which adds another process to the bathroom routine. Our kids hate getting their hair washed, so doing it twice, once for shampoo and once for conditioner is a bit challenging.


This conditioner, like the shampoo, works perfectly fine for me. However, its incredibly difficult for me to make my hair knotted, so I'm not sure about how well it works at untangling hair. This product also has a very strong scent, and some users may or may not like it.


Pros: All natural

Cons: Thin liquid

I got this as a sample to try on my kids.  It got a mixed reaction from them (13y/o & 9y/o). 

My 13 y/o didn't like it at all and only would agree to use it once.  He said that he was a boy and that "men" didn't use conditioner.

My 9y/o daughter said that it was "OK" to use.  She said that her hair combed out just fine after using it.  She has naturally curly hair so this in my opinion is a sign that it works great.

The things that I didn't like about the product is that it is a very thin (runny) liquid.  This wouldn't be a big deal if my children were little and I washed their hair for them but since they do their own I worry that they are using too much and wasting the product.  Natural products do cost a premium and I don't want my 9y/o pouring it down the drain.

You also need to shake the product before using it.  I have no idea if this was done or not.  So for younger kids it makes me wonder if it is a good choice to use.  I would say the product works great and for little children or older kids it should work great.

Would I buy it again?  I would have to say not right now but maybe in the future. 


eco.kid Nourish Daily Conditioner

The eco.kid Nourish Conditioner is a naturally derived and deep moisturising conditioner that adds strength and vitality to young hair. It provides sustained moisture and body resulting in shine, flexibility and tangle free combing. Rich in fortifying wheat proteins to feed growing hair, the eco.kid Nourish Conditioner contains plant-derived moisturisers that naturally bind and sustain moisture and nourish away knots and tangles. Gentle anti-inflammatory peptides soothe sensitive scalps and re-balance the natural protective mantle of the skin. It is incredibly effective as a detangler and promotes a healthy shine, containing no artificial preservatives, colourings or fragrance, while being readily bio-degradable and waterway friendly. This eco.kid conditioner contains natural terpenes and hydrocarbons which assists in rinsing excess conditioner from the hair, leaving the hair and scalp with a freshness unparalleled by normal conditioning products. It also helps to eradicate head lice and their eggs by attacking their outer protective lipase, coating and delivering phyto-chemicals which simultaneously attack the insect nervous system.

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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Babies & Kids › Green Kid › Natural Personal Care › eco.kid Nourish Daily Conditioner