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ECO-heater Electric Panel Heater


Pros: easy to install

Cons: no thermostat setting

I used this product to heat a basement bathroom. I liked that the original was UL approved. The heat is a gentle constant heat not a blast from a fan forced unit. I found it to be economical but the old units have a tendency to crack across the face and seams. This doesn't effect its usability but it is unsightly.


I have purchased two units from eheat for a basement office with a concrete floor with a programmable thermostat. The temperature has been in the single digits and it maintains a comfortable temp. in a 160 sq. ft. room. These units appear to be higher quality and are worthy of a look.


Pros: are there any

Cons: straight electrical heat

This is simply an electrical resistance heater. There are no savings compared to any other electrical resistance heater. The claims made about power saving are not possible!

There is nothing eco about it

İt is UL listed according to the company web site. 'ECO-heaters are tested and certified to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety standard 2021 and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) safety standard 60335-2.'

The Pictures on your website are the original ECO-heaters, these were made by the South African company Econo-Heat.  The new ECO-heaters do not look the same, they are not made of the same material, and are not UL listed.  I own both models and am very dissappointed with the new product.  It seems to function much the same way the Econo-Heat panel works, but i worry about the safety of this unit not being UL listed and rumored to have recall.  I would like to find the orignal heaters that I bought 2 years ago.


Pros: Easy to install, Mounts anywhere, energy saver, WARM!

Cons: Would like a temperature gauge for the heater

I recently bought and installed an ECO-heater in my office and I have to say - it was worth the money even if I coudn't put it on my company's credit card. The performance of the heater is flawless! I was amazed how well the heat circulated around my office in less than 15 minutes. It's very easy to install and in a flip of a switch, my office was warm. We usually have the conventional heaters on, but I opted that option out since it was so costly to turn on. I was actually looking into space heaters, but did some research and didn't find it economical or efficient as it does cause a lot of home fires.


The ECO-heater has a low surface temperature, so if I accidently rub against the heater I'm still safe from scorching my hands. The heater can also be painted - but I haven't got that far yet (I was thinking about my company logo). Hey it would be a great marketing campaign to use these ECO-heaters as promotional items or gifts to clients.


The only thing I wish the ECO-heater had was a temperature gauge. But it never gets to hot in my office as air is freely circulate in the back and exits from the top for convection heating.


Buy one and try it out - definitely will WOW you!

ECO-heater Electric Panel Heater

ECO-heater electric panel heater offers a new way to combat rising heating bills energy consumption. Using convection technology, ECO-heaters warm a room using less than 1/3 the energy of conventional room heaters. ECO-heaters' are so effective and economical because they leverage the physics of heat convection. Cold air is drawn into the 3/4" gap between the heater and the wall, and is rapidly heated to rise out of the top of the heater. This creates a natural circulation of warm air around the room, without the use of fans.

Additional Features
Additional FeaturesDIY installation, very low operating cost, safe for children and pets
Additional FeaturesMounts to wall, energy-efficient, pain to match any decor, no coils, fans, or exposed wires
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