Earth's Best Baby Cereal


Pros: nutritious, delicious, pestcide free

Cons: a little expensive, annoying spout

I often have trouble not eating all of my baby's breakfast when I give her this cereal it is that tasty! Not only is this cereal (and all other Earth's Best products for that matter) nutritionally superior to the mainstream brands, it tastes much better and my baby goes positively nuts for it. Mix with some pureed fruit and you have a hit on your hands!


Pros: Organic, Esy to use, good first food

Cons: Can be hard to find in stores

Earth's Best baby food is a great first cereal for your little one. I make all of my own foods at home, except cereal and I chose Earth's Best for it's organic products and company reputation. I eat organic and I want the same for my daughter.


This cereal is excellent as a first cereal. There are also several varieties available which is great for little ones who can't have certain cereals.


Pros: Nutritious & Baby Loves It

Earth's Best Rice Cereal is great for a baby learning to eat solids. Our baby did not like the two mainstream brands, but loves Earth's Best. It's also great to mix with veggies, fruits & even meats. Our baby recommends it:)


Pros: Safe, Easy to make, Easy to Digest

I love EB's Oatmeal because it's quick and easy to prepare and it can be blended with fruits and/or veggies for a complete meal.  I also love it because I know that what my daughter is getting is safe its gentle on her sensitive tummy.  My daughter seems to love the texture and taste of this brand over others that I have tried.

Earth's Best Baby Cereal

In our continuous effort to provide the highest quality baby food for our Earth's Best families, we provide an excellent source of iron (45%) in all our baby cereals. Sufficient iron intake is essential during the first 6 months of life for the proper growth and development of infants. In addition, Earth's Best uses only organically grown whole grains for your baby's natural nutrition and no genetically engineered ingredients, salt, refined sugars, or preservatives. This is just one way Earth's Best hopes to make a long-lasting positive impact on your baby's health. Earth's Best cereals come in three whole grain flavors babies love -- rice, multi-grain, and oatmeal -- and are available in 8 oz. boxes as well as new multi-pack boxes. * No Genetically Engineered Ingredients * Organic * No Added Salt or Sugar * No Modified Food Starch * No Concentrates * Kosher Organically grown, without potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

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