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EarthMinded RainStation Rain Barrel


Pros: Great quality and functionality

Cons: They need to come up with more shapes.

Great functionality! The manufacturers have taught of everything and it's very easy to install once you watch the video. It would be nice to have different shapes.


Pros: Quick install, easy to winterize, great colors

Cons: Hard to find

This is the best rain barrel I've ever seen - the install is just so simple. We had other rain barrels before this one, they were the old bucket with a screen on top kind and the installation systems were crude at best. This is a really well-engineered solution to that problem - I installed both of mine in about 15 minutes with a drill and a phillips screwdriver. In the winter, you just drain them and pop a hole cover (included) on, and you're good to go until spring.


Pros: User friendly

My neighbors has one of these and she loves it. She says it's very user friendly. She has been watering her plants with the water she saves and says that it's made quite a bit of difference in her water bill. I definitely want one of these.


Pros: High Quality, practical

Cons: Only sold online

This is a great rain barrel. It's very practical and easy to use. I love that it's 30% recycled, they have a model that's 100% recycled. There is a video on EarthMinded's website which has made my life so much easier. It's a great design overall. Would definitely recommend it.


Pros: Lid locks. Easy to install. Diverter fits perfectly into the downspout. Comes with spigot and drain. Winter hole cover included!

Cons: You can only buy it from their website or the authorized resellers.

My husband bought this rain barrel from EartMinded. We have been very happy with it. I think it may be the best quality rain barrel out there. It's very user friendly and the company has thought of all the problems you may have with a rain barrel. The lid locks and keeps insects etc. out. Spigot allows you to fill things with water while you can attach the garden hose to the drain, which you can also use to drain the water at the end of summer. The diverter fits like a glove to the downspout, but allows excess water to pass through.


What's also great for me is that they are made from 30% recycled material. One of their rain barrels is made from 100% recycled material.


It would be nice if you could buy these from other websites like Amazon, but currently you can only buy them from either the company's website or from one of their listed resellers. I got mine from a reseller and it was $50 cheaper. I would definitely recommend this product.

EarthMinded RainStation Rain Barrel

The EarthMinded RainStation is a simple-to-use and attractive Rain Barrel solution for home rainwater collection and storage. The large capacity, 60-gallon rain barrel connects to your downspout and automatically collects runoff water from your home's roof.

Total Volume60 gallons
Additional FeaturesDurable construction HDPE with 5 year UV inhibitor, for years of trouble free use
Additional FeaturesThree natural color selections: Terracotta, Granite, and Evergreen
Additional FeaturesDimensions 39” x 28.5” x 28.5”
Additional FeaturesHole saw included, installs in minutes
Additional FeaturesFlexifit™ Diverter automatically passes excess water through the downspout to prevent flooding
Additional FeaturesA large opening lid with for locking feature for safety. Sealed system keeps out mosquitoes, pests and sunlight.
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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Garden & Yard › Rain Barrels & Cisterns › EarthMinded RainStation Rain Barrel