EarthLust Stainless Steel Water Bottles


Pros: Perfect size, exceptional styling and graphics, most convenient cap, keep drinks cold forever

Cons: I can't choose which one to buy next

I just received my Earthlust bottle and I can't be happier. It is light weight even when filled with 750ml of water which makes it great to carry around. The cap is removed with a quick flick of the wrist but creates a great leak-proof seal.

Overall what really separates Earthlust from the pack is the styling and quality. I have had Kleen Kanteen, SIGG, New Wave Enviro, and Nalgene and this is easily the higest quality and most appealing looking.

No question I am going with Earthlust from now on.


Pros: creative, colorful, environment friendly

Cons: people might steal it, cost

I really enjoy how beautiful some of the designs that EarthLust uses on their water bottles.  Your reusable bottle no longer has to be cold stainless steel silver.  Top fav designs: tree/flowers/peacock.  They have a variety of sizes so that is helpful for someone like me who likes to drink a lot of water. 


Pros: stainless steel, beautiful design, comes with a carabiner

Cons: white bottles can get a little scratched if you're not gentle

I only have one EarthLust water bottle, but I aim to make it two shortly.  Mine is the little 13 ounce with an owl on it.  I adore it.  13 ounces is a great size when you're on the doesn't get heavy, and it's usually enough to get you to a water fountain where you can refill.  I took it on a trip to New York and it was incredibly helpful (especially considering the alternative was carrying around my boyfriend's 40 ounce Klean Kanteen).  Not to mention, no one batted an eye when I took it in my carry-on empty. 


I've seen almost all of the other EarthLust bottles in real life and when I had to make my choice (I actually bought four bottles and gave three away as gifts), I think I stood there for about 20 minutes because they were all so beautiful I couldn't choose.


It's probably a good choice to hand wash your bottle and to be a little delicate with it to avoid scratching the design, but it's well worth it.


Pros: Non-plastic, non-leaking, easy to hold, no bpa, lightweight, and several choices of great designs & sizes.

Cons: MULTIPLE washings will fade the designs a bit, but less than most other painted metal/glass/plastic bottles.

I encountered these in San Francisco, and fell in love with them.  I bought one for the design (and because I like to carry water in the summer, but don't trust plastic bottles), and have given several to friends.  They have been delighted with the designs, colors, and stainless steel material.  Really helps me keep water at the desk, in the car, and with me when I travel.  I clip it (empty) to my carry-on and fill it after I pass security.

EarthLust Stainless Steel Water Bottles

EarthLust bottles are made from high quality #304 food grade stainless steel, which is naturally safe unlined. Our bottles are a custom design - not stock bottles. Most of our line is limited edition - new art will arrive soon! We use non-toxic paints and BPA-free safe polypropelene #5 caps. Select from our 13 ounce, 20 ounce and 1 liter sizes. Each bottle comes with a high quality carabineer and optional sports tops are available for the 13 and 20 ounce sizes. We are happy to bring our line of bottles to a store near you - every bottle helps to eliminate waste and gives you a safe and stylish way to have a cold beverage near you at all times!

Additional Features
TypeStainless steel
Bottle Size(s)1 liter
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