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EarthLED GL Series LED Light Bulb

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EarthLED GL Series LED Light Bulb

The Value Leader. GL Series replacement bulbs are the most inexpensive Gen3 LED light sources on the market. A full range of MR16 and standard E27 sizes are available. GL is a great way to implement LED lighting technology at a price everyone can afford. The MR16 form factor makes a great replacement for traditional track lighting fixtures. Its 5 Watt LED Light Engine provides the same level of light output as a 50 Watt incandescent light bulb. The GL uses a high quality radial fin housing to ensure consistent and cool operation. GL uses a MR16 or E27 Screw base to allow it to fit into virtually any light socket. The GL works best in applications where it is installed facing down or at an object. For lamps that have a lamp shade, consider our CL Series. As the GL produces no UV radiation, it is a great bulb to use for the illumination of photographs or works of art where UV can fade or destroy these objects. Amazing Efficiency The GL Bulb like all EarthLEDs is amazingly efficient. Although it only draws approximately 5 watts of electricity, it performs like a 50 Watt light bulb while at the same time operating below 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The end result is reduced cooling costs and operational safety above and beyond that of traditional incandescent bulbs. Long Life = Big Savings. The GL has a life span of over 50,000 hours meaning you will be able to enjoy its amazing light output and energy cost savings for over 11 Years! On the other hand the incandescent that is in its place now will need to be replaced over 50 times in the same time frame. To put this into perspective: One - 5 Watt EarthLED GL costs approximately $2.00 to run per year at 12 hours per day. Since it was on for approximately 4000 hours it still has nearly 10 years of life! Throughout its entire 11 year life a GL will cost approximately $50, including the cost of the GL, while a traditional fixture using an incandescent bulb will cost nearly $250! Environmentally Friendly by Design EarthLEDs are the most environmentally friendly light source other than pure sunlight. First, there are no hazardous substances used inside EarthLEDs. All of our products are RoHS compliant (a strict new standard calling for the elimination of hazardous substances). You've probably heard a lot about Compact Florescent Bulbs or CFL. These have been touted as a solution to the inefficiencies of incandescent yet they are all made with mercury, thus they are hardly an environmentally sound solution after all. Second, EarthLEDs are part of the solution to the energy crisis we are all facing. EarthLEDs use less power up front and generate less heat when used. Replacing all of your lighting with EarthLED's will suddenly make your home or building an environmentally friendly structure. Finally, with the long life you will achieve from your EarthLED bulb, you will save on the disposal of approximately 50 incandescent bulbs and 5 mercury tainted, compact fluorescent bulbs thus cleaning up our landfills and ultimately saving our environment from waste. Light Pure and Simple EarthLED GL bulbs are available in white and warm light color temperatures for the utmost in flexibility. No matter which temperature you choose, you will always get pure, clear light that makes reading or viewing objects easier on the eyes. Tired of annoying flickering and headaches caused by compact fluorescent bulbs? Say hello to EarthLEDs and their consistent visibility.

Energy Star Qualification
Additional Features
Wattage5 watts
Average Life Hours>50,000 Hours
Incandescent Wattage Equivalent
Bulb Shape
Base TypeE27 or MR16 Track
Available Color Temperature
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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