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EarthLED EX-38 LED Floodlight


Pros: A warm, bright LED based bulb that only uses 9.5 watts!

Cons: Warm tone has a very slight green tint to it... bulb failed in under 5 months.

This is basically a Par38 (Fits R40 as well) style bulb that uses 165 LEDs inside instead of an incandescent, halogen, or CFL source. It actually looks "pretty" when off as the LEDs are just below the lense giving it a cut crystal look... which is getting off-track, but some people might think that's cool.

Anyway - it is a 100-watt-equivalent bulb that only uses 9.5 watts. Awsome! It is truely bright and lights up an area well, although the lumen output is not quite a 100w equivelant - probably closer to a 60w incandescent.  It is a warm tone (Kelvin rating is not listed). My wife and I decided the best way to describe the light is a warm white with a very slight green tint... It is not green, but a very slight hint of it. (emphasize "very slight", tiny hint)

Liked the "instant on" aspect of the bulb, as CFLs tend to start out dim.

It is an indoor/outdoor bulb - we were using ours on the porch - the warm light matched the solar LED landscape lights we have in that area. Definately a big step in LEDs becoming the bulb of choice in the near future.

Price was closer to US$47.00 when shipping is included - hopefully prices will come down a bit in the future as well...


Unfortunately a "ring" of LEDs within the bulb failed after about 4.5 months of use.  EarthLED took it back (I paid to ship it back), and they were very willing to send a replacement - once they verified the failure - or a credit towards a different bulb they offer.  I am actually going to get another CL-5 bulb as I have a couple of those and like them very much.  They are paying the shipping to send the new bulb to me - I only need pay the difference in bulb costs.  Even though the EX-38 failed, the company's customer service was very professional, helpful, and quickly communicated any status on the exchange.


Pros: use very little electricity

Cons: give spot light, but not flood light - very expensive

I bit the bullet and bought this LED for my art table, because I have it on all day.  The bulb cost a FORTUNE, but I was doing it to save on electricity, and not get compact fluorescent bulbs - because they have mercury in them.  (I know they don't have a lot - but there are million of people who are  now buying them, and NOT disposing of them properly - so we exchange one problem for another!).  


Anyway, this bulb doesn't give me enough light to do my artwork, and I ended up having to get a full spectrum fluorescent bulb anyway - but I know how to dispose of it!  Just don't be around it if it breaks!  

EarthLED EX-38 LED Floodlight

The EX-38 is an advanced PAR38 Bulb designed for Floodlight and Bug light applications in any fixture regardless of its location. By using a massive array of 165 independent Gen II light engines, the EX-38 provides a large amount of illumination power at a low price. The EX-38 is available in traditional soft white, high intensity white and our exclusive yellow bug light coating providing the first LED replacement for this type of application. The EX-38 also features a weatherproof housing allowing its installation outdoors regardless of the environment. Introducing the EarthLED Floodlight and EarthLED Buglight The EX-38 is specifically designed to replace bulbs that are probably used the most at your home or business; floodlights and buglights. These exterior bulbs take a beating because not only are they constantly exposed to the environment but they are also used daily for a runtime that exceeds 8 hours. At the same time these lights are perhaps the most important as they provide security through their constant illumination. EarthLED EX-38 replacement bulbs meet all these challenges with a durable and tough weatherproof housing, unbeatable 50,000 hour runtime and consistent and powerful illumination. The EX-38 is also available in a special Buglight version, the first of its kind. Use this powerful bulb in external environments to prevent insects from being attracted to the bulb while it is operating. Unlike traditional incandescent buglights which rely on a yellow coated lense to provide the color temperature needed to operate as a buglight, the EX-38 uses custom yellow LED bulbs to provide the most consistent and powerful buglight you have ever seen. Amazing Efficiency The EX-38 Bulb like all EarthLEDs is amazingly efficient. Although it only draws 9.6 Watts of electricity, it performs like a 100 Watt light bulb while at the same time operating below 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The end result is reduced cooling costs and operational safety above and beyond that of traditional incandescent bulbs. Long Life = Big Savings. The EX-38 has a life span of over 50,000 hours meaning you will be able to enjoy its amazing light output and energy cost savings for over 11 Years! On the other hand the incandescent that is in its place now will need to be replaced over 50 times in the same time frame. To put this into perspective: One - 9.6 Watt EarthLED EX-38 costs approximately $4.20 to run per year at 12 hours per day. Since it was on for approximately 4000 hours it still has nearly 10 years of life! Throughout its entire 11 year life an EX-38 will cost approximately $75, including the cost of the EX-38, while a traditional fixture using an incandescent bulb will cost nearly $550! Environmentally Friendly by Design EarthLEDs are the most environmentally friendly light source other than pure sunlight. First, there are no hazardous substances used inside EarthLEDs. All of our products are RoHS compliant (a strict new standard calling for the elimination of hazardous substances). You've probably heard a lot about Compact Florescent Bulbs or CFL. These have been touted as a solution to the inefficiencies of incandescent yet they are all made with mercury, thus they are hardly an environmentally sound solution after all. Second, EarthLEDs are part of the solution to the energy crisis we are all facing. EarthLEDs use less power up front and generate less heat when used. Replacing all of your lighting with EarthLED's will suddenly make your home or building an environmentally friendly structure. Finally, with the long life you will achieve from your EarthLED bulb, you will save on the disposal of approximately 50 incandescent bulbs and 5 mercury tainted, compact fluorescent bulbs thus cleaning up our landfills and ultimately saving our environment from waste.

Energy Star Qualification
Additional Features
Wattage9.5 watts
Average Life Hours50,000 Hours
Incandescent Wattage Equivalent
Bulb ShapeSpotlight
Base TypePAR38
Available Color Temperature
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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