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EarthLED EvoLux Sh LED Light Bulb


Pros: Energy saving, no toxins, long lasting

Cons: Cooler color than I'd like, not as crisp as halogen, initial expense, hard to find baffle that looks nice

 I was very excited to try this LED out.  I love the energy savings and how long it lasts.  It also is shatter resistant and made without any toxins.  On the down side; I had ordered the warm white, but it is a cooler white than I would like, it doesn't have the crispness to read by that a halogen does and I had a really hard time finding a baffle for my recessed fixture that looked nice.  Also, I had ordered what I thought was the correct baffle from the company and it was useless as was their customer assistance.  I'm still recommending this because of the energy savings, but be warned it is far from a perfect product or company.

EarthLED EvoLux Sh LED Light Bulb

Breakthrough LED Technology New Special Reduced Height Version * Light Output Comparable to a 100 Watt Incandescent * Crisp, Room-Filling Light * Lasts for over 50,000 Hours * Costs under $6.00 to run per YEAR * Active Thermal Management: Runs Cool, Stays Cool * Contains no Mercury or Hazordous Substances * Will Not Shatter * No Flickering, No Headaches * 2 Year Warranty * 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Presenting EvoLux, the most powerful direct replacement LED Light bulb available. Using a breakthrough light engine, the EvoLux allows for the first time, the opportunity for every general lighting application to be replaced with an LED light bulb. No more hassle and worries about breaking CFL’s, no more wasted electricity on inefficient incandescents, take the leap to the next generation in lighting with EvoLux. How We Did It In order to create an LED light bulb that can compete head to head with both CFL and high wattage incandescents, we started with the latest generation LED chip engine. We then added a revolutionary active cooling system that employs a silent internal fan to cool the heatsink. The entire housing is encased in ABS plastic to always ensure that the body of the EvoLux is cool to the touch. Combined these technologies allow us to run the LED light chip at a high enough power output to provide amazing, room light that will fill a room. New Reduced Height Sh Version The new EvoLux Sh allows you to use the same great light of the EvoLux S in a areas where reduced overall clearance is needed such as ceiling fans and floor mounted lamps. Use EvoLux technology in places never before possible. On average, the EvoLux Sh will provide over 2 inches of additional clearance in length for those tough to install areas! EvoLux 100 Watt Challenge The goal of replacing a 100 watt light bulb with a LED light bulb has long been an impossibility, until now. With EvoLux, you can replace your short lifespan, 100 Watt incandescents with a cool running bulb that will last over 50,000 hours. We put the EvoLux to the test against a CFL at 13 watts (same wattage as the EvoLux) and a 100 Watt incandescent. The results will surprise you.

Energy Star Qualification
Additional Features
Average Life Hours50000
Incandescent Wattage Equivalent100
Bulb Shape
Base Type E27/E26/BC22 (Bayonet Cap)
Available Color Temperature3000 K (Warm), 6000 K (Cool)
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Eco Friendly Home › Lighting › Light Bulbs › LED Light Bulbs › EarthLED EvoLux Sh LED Light Bulb