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EarthLED EvoLux S LED Bulb

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in LED Light Bulbs


Pros: Bright, Fairly Dispersed

Cons: Odd Shape, Fan

I have the Cool White version of this LED lamp (I don't care for the Warm White color).


The brightness is fine, one of the few LED lamps I own that is this bright (900 lumens).  It is also better dispersed than most LED lamps.  But the CFL I replaced with this was in a fixture above head level with the top of the bulb pointed upward, and even though this lamp is brighter, the CFL gave more light downwards, due to the fact that very little light shines downard (below a horizontal plane) from this LED lamp.  So this lamp would be better for applications in which it is pointed downward if the lamp is overhead, unless lighting mostly just the ceiling is sufficient.  Lastly, the fan is not quite silent although it is very quiet.


All in all a decent value considering price/brightness/efficiency/lifetime, you just have to consider the fit with your application closely (as with any replacement LED lamp).


Pros: Great quality of light

Cons: humming noise, expense

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Evolux S (I got the warm white model). Even if LEDs are relatively older technology, I'm excited by the new momentum they're getting and all the new applications. The bulb doesn't disappoint in that way - it's relatively futuristic looking and a lot bigger than I was expecting.

I did a comparison with the CFL that I've been using for the last several months by putting the Evolux in my bedside lamp. The quality of the light is fantastic. Similar brightness to the CFL, but warmer and easier on the eyes. It's totally sufficient to read by.

The only downside is there is an audible hum that emanates from the bulb. I don't know if it's the AC to DC transformer or what and the sound is incredibly easy to ignore, but it still warrants mentioning. If the bulb were higher up (like recessed ceiling lighting), I don't think this would be an issue at all.

Also, I have yet to challenge the 50,000 hour life in my first week with the bulb, but I'll keep at it....


Pros: Great light - good for many applications.

Cons: Somewhat directional; fan noise.

I have been testing this bulb out in several locations throughout our home to see how it stacks up in different applications.  In reading the previous reviews, I am finding that all of our experiences are very similar.   In all areas I could hear the fan - some applications it was more pronounced, others not so much.  The "wife test" did not go so great as she asked right away if the noise was always there...

> It works great in an overhead recessed fixture - super light for a room sized area.  I found the fan was a bit amplified as the "can" acts as a directional cone for that slight noise... 

> In a table lamp - the light bulb itself, being kinda tall, set the horizontal light emission sorta high, with virtually no light emitted downward.  Probably not the best application - but a torchere light (points up for indirect light off of ceiling) might work out good if the right shape. 

> Workbench light - fantastic, I don't mind the quite fan noise at my bench.

> Kids room directional light - great, but again, "Daddy, what's that sound?" 


I suppose if I put it in one of my downlights above the stairs about 18' up, the fan would not be of issue at all, but I was a bit frustrated to hear the question over and over... The emitted light (warm white) was really quite good.  Can a fan last 50,000 hours?  If it was somehow silent, this bulb would have even more appeal to the masses.  Great product overall tho - big step forward in LED lighting.


Pros: It is an LED lightbulb

Cons: lighting is too directional, warm white color a bit odd

Excited with my first LED lightbulb I couldn't wait to take it home and try it out. Previously in my lamp I had a GE 'natural light' 100 Watt lightbulb - no complaints from that other than the fact it was incandescent. The EvoLux was an awesome lightbulb that was very bright and energy efficient,but I think they have a ways to go in a few respects.

First, I am vary particular when it comes to the color of my lightbulbs -  that is why I had gotten the 'natural light' bulb from GE. EvoLux's Warm White was not really as 'warm' as I had wanted it to be. The color it gave off resembled very stark white industrial fluorescent lighting - it lacked the 'homy' feel. Second, the bulb shot straight out - like a flood light - not an ideal design for a bedside lamp.

Even with the couple of cons I think it is a really great product. I believe the bulb comes in other colors too so that problem is easily solved, and as for an omnidirectional lightbulb, they must make one in one of their other product lines.

I'm glad to see the market for LED lightbulbs developing and even though they may appear expensive at first, they pay form themselves over time - saving you lots of money, plus you are helping the environment.


Pros: Good quality light

Cons: The light is too directional

I tried this bulb in my reading lamp next to my bed.  Unfortunately I can't recommend it for a quiet location like that.  To me, and maybe I'm too sensitive, the fan noise was too noticeable.  Also, because of the way the base is designed, the light is very directional.  The light was focused out the top of the lamp and almost had a 'spotlight' effect on the ceiling, which wasn't great for reading.  It replaced a CFL that was working well and the lamp just wasn't a good application for this particular bulb.  If you have overhead lighting, I imagine this would be a good option.


Pros: Bright light, energy efficient, long-term savings

Cons: Initial cost, hum from fan, light diffusion isn't quite as diffuse as you might want

When I first took out the CFL from my bedside lamp and put in the EvoLux S, I literally exclaimed "Wow, that's bright!"  Yep, out loud.  I’ve had mine for about a week - and yes.  It is bright. 


Doing the touch test, an incandescent in my lamp got hot within 5 minutes of having the lamp on. The CFL I was replacing warmed within about 7 minutes. The LED? Even after having it on for an hour, I could put my hand on it and it was cool.


I can't speak quite yet to the long term cost savings...but given bobkart's formula, it looks like the EvoLux S will cost about $3.22 per megalumen-hour in comparison to a 100-watt incandescent which would cost about $11.04 per megalumen-hour.


The only drawbacks of note that I’ve experienced are:


a) light diffusion - The light is not as diffuse as an incandescent or CFL (which I think is why it caught me offguard that first flip of the on-switch...because basically I was standing over the open top part of my lamp shade and a ton of light came up at me).   I think the bulb would be a little better suited in an overhead downlight rather than in a bedside table lamp.  That's next on the list to test out.


b) you can hear the fan. It’s pretty quiet. But if you’re reading by it, you can hear it hum.


Overall, it’s a great option for a bright LED light bulb that’s available now.  I'd just recommend using it in a downlight.


Pros: Good light output

Cons: fan

We are an Earth LED dealer so I have been beating up on these bulbs for a while now. I have over 5000 hours of use on one, as I hardly shut it off. It still has the same brightness as when it was new. Only a couple more years of constant "on" and we will see how it really does!


The thing I like about these is that you can't break them, and that they work outside in the cold. These are perfect for lamp post that you like to leave on all the time so you have night time lighting when you get home late. 


The downside is that they have a fan to keep them cool. So the question is, will the fan outlast the bulb? I think the chances are good as long as you don't use the bulb in a dusty place. 


I can't wait until they start building these things like the zetalux!  


Pros: energy efficient, bright, warm light

Cons: slight hum from fan

The Huddler folks let me borrow their EvoLux S bulb for a test drive.  I put it in the overhead light fixture in one of the rooms (small bedroom size) in my house.  The bulb is nice and bright and easily lights up the whole room.  Some other reviews said that the light wasn't diffuse enough, but in the overhead fixture it does light up the whole room pretty effectively.


The light is a little on the white side, but overall has a pretty nice "warm" quality to it.  The one odd aspect is the hum of the fan.  It's not very loud, but can be a little noticeable in the background.  I wouldn't want to use it in a bedside lamp or any light fixture too close to my head - I think the hum might start to irritate me.


Supposedly the bulb lasts for 50,000 hours and only uses 13 watts.  Pretty cool bulb overall.

EarthLED EvoLux S LED Bulb

EvoLux is the most powerful direct replacement LED Light bulb available. Using an advanced CREE 13 Watt light engine, the EvoLux S provides 900 lumens of luminous flux making it a light source that can be used in even the most demanding applications. Advanced active thermal management ensures that the EvoLux always runs cool. EvoLux is 80% more efficient than conventional incandescents while still being entirely free of hazardous substances. Applications include: General illumination, desk lamps, lamps with shades, bathroom/vanity lighting, ceiling fan lamps and more.

Energy Star Qualification
Additional FeaturesOverall length 4.47 in. Diameter 2.55 in.
Average Life Hours50,000
Incandescent Wattage Equivalent
Bulb Shape
Base TypeE27/E26
Available Color TemperatureWarm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K)
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Cost to Operate:


The cost to run this bulb is only $5.70 to run for an entire year based on 12 hours/day of operation, 365 days, and $0.10 KWh Electricity Cost


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