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Earth Science Fragrance Free Shampoo Reviews


Great shampoo


Pros: no fragrance

I got this in my Huddler prize package and have used it since then. I have to say that it is one of the best shampoos I have used. It really is fragrance free, unlike other fragrance free products that have chemical smells. It is fairly thick, so with a moderate quantity I get my hair sqeaky clean. It also leaves my hair soft and untangled, something that is usually a problem with other shampoos since I have really long hair. I still use conditioner to prevent breakage but my hair feels so soft I feel I could go without it. Even though I am a sucker for good smells, I don't mind that this is fragrance free because it does not clash with my conditioner. I would recommend it to people with...
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Fabulous! My new favorite shampoo.


Pros: Leaves hair clean but super-soft; unscented; no animal ingredients; no sodium lauryl sulfate

Cons: none!

Wow.  Just wow.  My hair is very long & wavy/curly, so it needs a good shampoo to look its best.  This shampoo really fits the bill.  It cleanses thoroughly without stripping the hair (probably in part b/c it doesn't use yucky sodium lauryl sulfate), and I love that it's unscented because I don't get any "scent-confusion" with my conditioner. Full disclosure: I got this for free as part of a prize-pack from Huddler.  But I'm converted--as soon as this bottle runs out, I'll be looking for this shampoo in my local market.

Natural shampoo that gets the job done!


Pros: Good shampoo.

Cons: None.

Been using this product for a short while, and so far it is a great shampoo.  Lathers well, hair feels clean, scalp feels nice.  It is fragrance free, but that's OK because this is one of the few non-odorized products that does not smell funny...just kind of a neutral smell - works for me :-) Rec'd this product as part of the Huddler contest - thanks again!

Really Great


Pros: Absolutly no smell at all

I recieved this product as part of a huddler prize.  It was the first thing I tried out.  I was shocked that it truley didn't have ANY smell at all.  I've used stuff in the past that are "fragrance free" and still had either a chemical smell or a light soap smell.  This has nothing. It suds up very well and left my hair squeakey clean.  I would recommend this to anyone at all.  I love this product!

clarifying natural shampoo ;-)


Pros: cleans very well

Cons: dries hair and scalp out

This shampoo works like most natural shampoos i've tried. it definitly cleans, but it also really dries. i am use to not needing a conditioner for my super long, thick and curly hair anymore, and after using this product i was back to having to condition when i used it, so it got passed off to my husband, who has no complaints with it. This works very well as a clarifying type shampoo. After swimming in a hotel pool and all the chlorine making it hard to lather up and wash your hair out this shampoo takes care of that. I definitly wouldn't use it for every shampoo though. It would probably really kill my hair after a while. For guys that use hair products like gel (like my husband) this...
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not a big fan


Pros: natural, no fragrance, if you like that

Cons: soapy smell

I got a bottle of this stuff in the second Huddler contest, and at first, I wasn't a big fan.  It's fragrance free, and in my opinion smells like putting soap in your hair.  Frankly I prefer a little fragrance to soap smell in my shampoo, so it's immediately off to a bad start.  One nice aspect is that the shampoo isn't too liquidy.  It has a nice gel-like consistency so it's easy to apply without wasting any. The first time I used it, for some reason it felt like my hair was still dirty afterwards.  But I've begun using it regularly, and my hair always feels clean afterward now. I also got some Nurture My Body shampoo in the prize package and much prefer it to the Earth Science.  It...
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