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Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion

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Pros: Love the citrus smell!!!!

Cons: More oily then I personally like lotion

I really dig the smell of this lotion. I recieved it back in July from the Huddler Contest and lost it in the moving mess (along with a lot other products I'll be reviewing in the next couple weeks as I get time, lol) So I'm just now getting around to using this product. I'm a big fan of citrus and this product has sweet orange essential oil in it.


I also really love the full disclosure of this product. The ingredients are easily listed visably, even on the small trial size bottle and clearly lists the organic precentage (87.925%) I wish all companies that claimed organic either listed percentage or clearly labeled what ingredients were organic. That got this product a big A+ from me.


The lotion itself is a little more oily then I perfer, but only a little and that is my only strike on this product. I used it on my son after his bath and he giggled the whole time. It hasn't bothered my or his skin, which is a super + also.


Overall I dig this product.


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