Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion Reviews


Great scent, non greasy

I got a sample of Angel Baby Lotion as part of a prize pack from Huddler recently -- and though I don't have a baby, I wasn't at all reticient about using the products in the Angel Baby gift bag.  The lotion has a delicate orange blossom scent -- it smells really nice, and it's different from the usual (sometimes I mix it with Ecco Bella vanilla body lotion).  The scent is light and not overstrong or clingy.  The lotion soaks into my hands quickly and is non greasy (unlike Ecco Bella which leaves a bit of stickyness) -- making it the perfect hand and arm lotion to keep on my desk at work. 

Smells good


Pros: Smells good, all natural

Cons: a little watery

I like the smell of this lotion and the fact that it is really gentle on the skin. It smells like an orange creamsicle. The only thing i dont like is that it is a little watery.

Quality Product from a Quality Company


Pros: Heavenly smell, non-greasy, the ingredients.

Cons: pricey if you are purchasing it (which I didn't)

I received this as well in a Huddler prize pack (trial size) and just as with the body wash/shampoo I was delighted with the quality ingredients and the companies values toward natural baby care.  The smell is so nice and not overpowering on the skin.  I used this on my son and it worked well for him even on his roughest spots like elbows and knees (he was 5 at the time).  I would definitely buy it again and would recommend it to anyone who has babies or children.

Good Stuff


Pros: Nice Smell

I got a sample of this lotion and really like it.  It has a very pleasent smell.  Not to much like "baby" so that the whole house can use it.  I've never been a fan of the Johnson&Johnson baby smell.The lotion really soaked into the skin pretty quick so it didn't leave you feeling greasy.  I put it on just before bedtime so I'm not sure on the lasting ability of it.  It did keep my skin from that dry/itchy feel so I didn't wake-up all itchy in the morning.I would give this product a big thumbs up.

Earth Angel Smell ;-)


Pros: Love the citrus smell!!!!

Cons: More oily then I personally like lotion

I really dig the smell of this lotion. I recieved it back in July from the Huddler Contest and lost it in the moving mess (along with a lot other products I'll be reviewing in the next couple weeks as I get time, lol) So I'm just now getting around to using this product. I'm a big fan of citrus and this product has sweet orange essential oil in it. I also really love the full disclosure of this product. The ingredients are easily listed visably, even on the small trial size bottle and clearly lists the organic precentage (87.925%) I wish all companies that claimed organic either listed percentage or clearly labeled what ingredients were organic. That got this product a big A+ from me. The...
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Smells Delicious


Pros: Soft, Soothing, Smells Great

Cons: Price

It was a little pricey for my taste, but after significant research it was decided - why put a dollar sign on healthy skin? My children deserve a world without chemicals - even if it is only behind their front door. Imagine the soothing smell of vanilla, awakening your senses, softening your skin for hours...