Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm Reviews

Positive Reviews


better than many creams


Pros: seems to help

Cons: price and availability

First off, this balm contains shea butter which separates out if heated and cooled too fast (like in shipping). They do not just throw all of the ingredients into the pot without mixing them. If you get small beads of shea butter you can redissolve them by gently reheating the balm (in a sunny window for instance) and slowly cooling it. You should just ignore the reviews that mention this as an issue. The only things I don't like about this cream is that it is a bit more expensive than the other non-zinc diaper creams out there and I cannot buy it locally so I need to stay on top of our supply and order more in time to be shipped before we run out.  My baby is now ten weeks old and she...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: Its natural, works ok

Cons: Smells bad, not too effective

This diaper rash ointment was ok. I wasn't too impressed with it. It worked for a diaper rash that wasn't too bad, but didn't work for the diaper rashes that were a little worse. It has a really strong mediciney smell. Over time it got these little hard balls that formed in it.

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Works well


Pros: Effective

Cons: Strange feel

I got a sample of this product and really think that it works pretty darn good.  I don't have any little babies anymore.  My youngest is 9 y/o.  Well, she got a little heat rash on her thigh so I put some of this on it.  She said that the rash felt better right away.  It also cleared up the rash very quickly.The ointment is strange in that it has little grains in it.  I thought that it had sepereated out but it spread on very well.  The grains disappeared when it was applied.I used this on various rashes since that first use and have been very pleased with this product.  I'm sure that it would work great on a diaper rash.

smells like mama makes


Pros: great ingedients

Cons: $10 for 1 ounce- ouch

We have been consistantly out of town for the past several weekends for holiday things and for part of this week for thanksgiving. We use disposables when out of town and my 17 month old has developed redness/soreness all over his little bottom. I just remember that I got this in the huddler contest a while ago and got it out and opened it. The first thing I noticed was it smell is similar to another balm I make. So that is comforting. Upon inspecting the ingredeints (that I am happy to report are fully listed) I can see why it smells so similar. The consistancy of this product is very interesting as it does not appear they mix the ingredients together as all liquids. The solid oils...
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