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Earth Friendly Products Stain & Odor Remover

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Earth Friendly Products Stain & Odor Remover
Description: Review Toxic cleaners and flammable sprays used to be necessities to combat awful stains and odors. As the world has grown more aware of the ecological impact on the planet’s air, water, and living creatures from such chemical products, the demand for environmentally kind cleaners has erupted. Earth Friendly Products steps up to the challenge with their new stain and odor remover. Powerful and biodegradable, the cleaner works its magic to eradicate blood, grease, oil, vomit, fish, pet accidents, and smoke. The stain and odor remover uses a simple formula made of water, alcohol drawn from corn, biodegradable surfactant taken from coconuts, lemon oil, and, most importantly, natural enzymes. Like the enzymes that process food inside the human body, the enzymes in the remover break up the organic matter in stains and residual odors. Before use, shake the remover well. Spray the cleaner directly on stains, letting it absorb for five minutes before wiping clean. Re-apply is stain persists. For odors, apply to the source of the stench and leave over night. The cleaner, and targeted smell, will evaporate in two weeks. Some individuals with sensitive skin may find that the spray causes inflammation. In the event of prolonged skin inflammation or ingestion of the spray, Earth Friendly Products suggests consulting a physician. For spray in the eyes, rinse well with cool, clean water. Animal testing and byproducts were not employed in the manufacturing of this product. The cleaner comes in recyclable packaging to promote resource awareness. The bottle contains 22 fluid ounces and weights 1-1/2 pounds upon shipping. Please read all label information with care upon delivery. --Jessica Reuling Label InformationIngredients Water, Enzymes, Alcohol (derived from corn), Biodegradable Surfactant (derived from coconut) (does not contain SLS), Lemon Oil. Warnings Please read all label information with care upon delivery. Keep this product out of the reach of children. This product is not designed for use as an air freshener and may cause inflammation if in contact with the skin and eyes. If exposed to the eyes, flush with water. Earth Friendly Products suggests contacting a physician if skin irritation persists, or in the event of product ingestion. Product DescriptionInstantly: Removes Organic Stain & Odors Natural Enzyme Based FormulaExcellent Pet Accident Stain and Odor Remover Biodegradable 100% Guaranteed to eliminate your worst organic stain and odors! Earth Friendly Products Stain & Odor Remover's naturally based formula of enzymes and plant ingredients is effective at removing organic stain and odors. It will never "set" stains or fade colors. Guaranteed to eliminate the following: Pet Accidents Blood Urine Dirt Perspiration Grass Fish Vomit Smoke Food Grease Oil Natural Waste By-productsNot tested on animalsNo animal ingredients Thank you for using our products.Earth Friendly Products are biodegradable and recyclable. Made in the USA.

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