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Earth Friendly Products Dishmate Dishwashing Liquid


Pros: light smell, works well

Cons: a bit low on suds

I got a bottle of Dishmate dishwashing liquid as one of the prizes in the super awesome Huddler contest. It comes in many different natural scents, and the one I got is apricot. I'm actually not a fan of apricots, but the scent is very light and rather pleasant. The Dishmate doesn't make as much suds as my BioKleen or Mrs. Meyers dish soap, but it's effective at cutting through grease nonetheless. It's also mild and moisturizing, which is a definite plus.


Pros: works & leaves no residue

Cons: none

I've used this as my dish soap for a few years now. It really cuts grease, but doesn't dry or irritate my hands. It also smells nice (I use the pear scent) and not too perfume-y or artificial. Best of all, it's earth friendly. I would definitely recommend this product.


Pros: Degreaser, Leaves No Spots, Clean Scent, Gentle on Hands, Concentrated, Natural Ingredients, Light, Pleasant Scent, No Phospates, Free of Dyes

I've passed up buying Ultra Dishmate at the store, because I've been satisfied with my regular dish soap product. But, when it came to my house as one of the prizes I won from the Huddler contest, I began using it in my kitchen. I do a lot of dishes, because I own at B&B. I really like this product! The Natural Lavender scent is pleasant and light, without that strong perfume-like fragrance, which so many detergent have. My hands are very sensitive, so I like the fact this liquid soap is dye-free too.

It only takes a drop to clean a dirty pot or baking dish. Ultra Dishmate is a terrific degreaser, leaving my dishes and glassware crystal-clean and spot-free. I also use this dish soap for hand washing delicate fabrics and I know there will be no residue that will irritate my skin or contaminate my pet's bowls and cage. The real test comes when I'm ready to clean my windows with a light, soapy mixture of Dishmate, water and a squeegee.I trust Ultra Dishmate will do a great job on them too!


Pros: All Natural, Pleasant Fragrance, Power Cleaning Agents...

I've been looking for an all natural dish soap that would be appropriate for an allergy sufferer. I discovered Earth Friendly Products while researching a HE laundry detergent under the same restrictions.

This dish soap is awesome. The ingredients are all easily identified and pronounceable. I love almond, so I purchased the Natural Almond dish soap. Wow!! The fragrance is outstanding and you need next to no soap to clean an entire sink of dishes!!! This dish soap has fantastic grease and dirt cutting abilities and a little goes a long way. As an added bonus, the soap does not dry out my hands!!

I've tried this soap on a host of dish types, and found the performance to be outstanding on each. If you need a powerful all natural dish soap (in fact if you ever need dish soap again in general) them try this product. You will not be disappointed!!


Pros: Smell, gentle on hands

I have never purchased a dish soap, green or otherwise, that didn't clean the dishes well-  there's really not much in the way of performance or effectiveness to talk about.  I like the clean Grapefruit scent and it is not drying on my hands.  We have a dishwasher so we don't use dish soap much, just for washing an item or two or oversize items. 


Pros: Gentle on hands, tough on dirty dishes.

Cons: None yet...

I rec'd this product winning a contest - honestly don't do many dishes by hand, but wouldn't ya know it - my dishwasher broke, will be a week for the parts... with a family of 5 you better break out the hand dish soap at that point! So we did. We had a little of another major brand ("Brand X") left so we actually got to compare. We found that the Ultra Dishmate cleaned at least as good as "Brand X". We ran out of "Brand X" and will likely not buy it again as Ultra Dishmate did the trick great!!! Recommend it. We have Natural Almond scent - is pleasant, not super strong smell. Like that there are no dyes in it. Seems to cut through grease well.


Pros: Works great

This was another of the gifts in the 1st contest. I have used this product in the past and really like it. For items like this, I normally just get what's on sale between Earth Friendly, Ecover, Ecos and 7th Gen. I've never been disapointed by an Earth Friendly product. They always smell pleasent too.


Pros: Love the almond scent and the fact that its good for the environment.

Cons: need to add more if you are doing a lot of dishes

I love this product, the almond scent is awesome and the fact that there are no chemicals keep me coming back to it. I always try to buy products that are safe for my family and this fits the bill. It works just as well as other brands with none of the bad stuff. My kids love to do the dishes with it. My only drawback is that it seems like you need to add more if you are doing a lot of dishes otherwise I love it.


Pros: soft on hands, hard on grease, good feel

Cons: none

Me and my wife being eco friendly people, strive to go for eco friendly products all the time. We bought this pack at Wegmans and we were completely satisfied with it. It lasted for around 3 weeks and has done a very good job. My wife's hand's are very sensitive and this sometimes gives her discomfort in hand washing dishes. This product was pleasantly nice on her hands and thanks to that it's good enough for me.

Earth Friendly Products Dishmate Dishwashing Liquid

A powerful liquid hand dish washing product that is mild on sensitive skin. Letters from consumers have told us that Dishmate, and our other Earth Friendly Products are great products for individuals that cannot use harsh cleaning products. The concentrated formula lasts for a long time, and we recommend that you squirt only a small amount into your sponge for cleaning dishes. Dishmate also acts as a great cleaner for hand washable clothes too. Available in Grapefruit, Almond, Lavendar, Pear, Apricot versions.

Size25 oz, 50 oz, 1-gallon, 5-gallon
Additional Features
TypeHand dishwashing
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Dishmate - Apricot972812
Dishmate - Pear972012
Dishmate - Lavendar972712
Dishmate - Almond970012
Dishmate - Grapefruit972212
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