Earth Friendly Products Ecos Liquid Detergent Reviews


Best bang for your buck!


Pros: Works well in cold water

I started buying this at Costco for less than 16 dollars and I love it! It does it's job well, although I generally put in Shaklee Fabric Brightener whenever I wash whites to help it along. The smell is fresh and not overpowering like conventional laundry detergents.

Allergy Sufferer Friendly, All Natural Detergent From An Excellent Company..


Pros: Pleasant Fragrance, All Natural Ingredients, Power Concentrate, Excellent Value...

Having just purchased a new LG front-loading washer, I've been on the look out for an all natural HE detergent that is friendly for allergy sufferers. I've finally found that product. Earth Friendly Products is a fantastic company, please take the time to visit their site and learn more about their ethos. Now, onto the review... The detergent is composed of ingredients that are easily identified and easy to pronounce. Moreover, the super concentrated HE detergent means little is necessary for even the largest loads. I purchased the Lemongrass scented detergent, and have been extremely satisfied with the results. The fragrance is subtle and cleaning agents are delicate...
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Great Soap


Pros: Eco-Freindly, Great odor, strong

I just got this detergent the other day and I fell in love with the scent (Lemongrass). It does a great job too.  I use Seventh Generation to do the laundry and Ecos for hand washing becasue of the great smell.

Very Good


Pros: Good cleaner.

Cons: Instructions regarding amount to use could be more clear.

This has been my favorite of GREEN liquid laundry detergent as of yet. Still need to try another one or two, to more accurately be able to access just how wonderful or not, is this Ecos product.

Leaves your knickers clean and not overly flowery


Pros: made with natural ingredients, sold at Costco, cleans nicely, doesn't leave any residue on your clothing

Cons: liquid soap always has a bigger CO2 footprint that powder

I'm a big fan of Earth Friendly Products generally speaking, and I've been really liking their ECOS liquid detergent.  It comes in pretty big containers that you can pick up at Costco for a good price, and (although it is still a liquid soap) it's concentrated so you don't need to douse your laundry in the soap to have it come out clean.  ECOS has good cleaning power for normal wear and tear.  I haven't tried it out on super muddy clothes, etc. but it does do well on stuff out of your (or your boyfriend's, as the case may be) smelly gym bag.  It doesn't leave your clothes smelling too fragrant, which I like.  It's also pretty gentle on colors and I haven't had anything bleed or get too...
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Clean but Doesn't Smell


Pros: No irritation

Cons: No pretty smell

I use this because my husband has highly sensitive skin and breaks out with the slightest of chemicals. It works great, but there is no pretty smell (I have to mix it with essential oils). I used to use Maggie's soap nuts, but when I switched to a HE front loader they left brown spots on my clothing... this is a pretty good laundry detergent and it is great if you have sensitive skin!



Pros: Concentrated, Works great and still gentle!

Sad, Sad news! Costco is deleting the Ecos! I will be writing and calling the corp. office to try to get it back!!!!

ECOS Laundry detergent


Pros: cleans great! No softener needed safe on skin even babies. Very concentrated

Cons: No cons for me

I have been using the ECOS for about 3 years now. It is the best detergent I have ever used by far!It cleans so well so I didnt have to sacrifice at all. I think it's better than the detergents I used to use.It has a soy softener so I never need a softener or even dryer sheets. It is so safe on my skin with no irritation. The scent is nice not overpowering.I have also done research on this company and found out that they are REALLY natural with noadded/hidden chemicals such as Dioxane (very toxic) which is in just about every product out there.I buy it at Costco at a great price. I have noticed however that Costco has come out with their own Eco friendly detergent. I have a friend who...
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Never once missed the old stuff


Pros: Works fine, uses less, no phosphates, etc.

Cons: If you like a lot of scent it doesn't have much, we don't like a lot so it doesn't bother us

Our local Costco carries Ecos, in a very large bottle so we save by buying in large amounts. It uses less detergent per load so the bottle lasts longer. Would be even better in a HE washer. The company rep we met at Costco said it would also replace liquid fabric softener. Can't say if that's really true since we never used liquid softener. We do still need to use dryer sheets because it does not preven static cling. I don't really think that our clothes feel softer, though. It has a somewhat strong scent in the bottle, but the clothes don't come out smelling particularly like the detergent, which is fine by us.