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A Review On: Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus All Surface Cleaner

Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus All Surface Cleaner

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Pros: Smells amazing, works great, no icky chemicals

Cons: Not a disinfectant

I've tried many Earth Friendly products, but the Parsley Plus is my fave. There are so many eco perks about this company, such as...
  • All of Earth Friendly Products' cleaning products are non-toxic and plant-based.
  • Parsley Plus is free of phosphates, chlorine, petroleum chemicals and many other harmful ingredients.
  • 100% biodegradable and all the container parts are recyclable - even the cap.
  • All parts of the container are easily recycled; even the cap! HUGE plus.
  • Never tested on animals.
  • The company donates to a number of eco-minded local and global organizations.
  • All their MSDS product sheets are posted online, including this cleaner.

Parsley seems like a weird scent to use for a cleaner, but honestly, it actually smells amazing. Very fresh and clean, and leaves a nice natural scent in the air. This cleaner quickly cleaned all sorts of surfaces and walls in my house. It even quickly got rid of grease on the stove and gunk in the sinks. It worked on my wood coffee table without leaving any oil looking marks too.

Some might be upset because this is not a disinfectant but since I use hot water and soap to disinfect I don't mind. While I usually like to make my own homemade cleaners, if you're going to buy one, I highly recommend Parsley Plus.


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