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Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus All Surface Cleaner


Pros: smells awesome, environmentally friendly, effective, good value

This all-purpose cleaner is just as effective and smells WAY better than the standard orange-clean products available. In fact I have a hard time not spraying it just for the heck of it because it smells so darn good. The value is good as it costs little more than traditional, chemical-based cleaners, and it works just as well without having to use copious amounts - it cuts grease, unsticks stuck-on particles... smells great! I also don't worry about ingesting trace amounts after using it to clean the counter or stove, whereas with other, synthetic- or chemical-based products I would have to obsessively re-wipe and rinse with water after using them. This stuff is just excellent.


Pros: Smells like fresh herbs

Cons: None I can think of.

I love this stuff. We clean bathrooms and kitchen with it. It's lovely! Forget that "Pinesol fresh" smell, when you can have the scent of an herb garden.


Pros: Smells amazing, works great, no icky chemicals

Cons: Not a disinfectant

I've tried many Earth Friendly products, but the Parsley Plus is my fave. There are so many eco perks about this company, such as...
  • All of Earth Friendly Products' cleaning products are non-toxic and plant-based.
  • Parsley Plus is free of phosphates, chlorine, petroleum chemicals and many other harmful ingredients.
  • 100% biodegradable and all the container parts are recyclable - even the cap.
  • All parts of the container are easily recycled; even the cap! HUGE plus.
  • Never tested on animals.
  • The company donates to a number of eco-minded local and global organizations.
  • All their MSDS product sheets are posted online, including this cleaner.

Parsley seems like a weird scent to use for a cleaner, but honestly, it actually smells amazing. Very fresh and clean, and leaves a nice natural scent in the air. This cleaner quickly cleaned all sorts of surfaces and walls in my house. It even quickly got rid of grease on the stove and gunk in the sinks. It worked on my wood coffee table without leaving any oil looking marks too.

Some might be upset because this is not a disinfectant but since I use hot water and soap to disinfect I don't mind. While I usually like to make my own homemade cleaners, if you're going to buy one, I highly recommend Parsley Plus.


Pros: effective, smells great

Cons: none

This is the moooost amazing cleaning product I have ever used! It doesn't rip my hand apart like clorox (obviously). It also cleans cat urine and gets rid of the cat urine smell.  Anyone who has cats, knows that is a near impossibility! It also smells wonderful. I highly recommend.


Pros: effectiveness and scent

Cons: none

I love this stuff! Makes me want to skip and dance when I am cleaning the kitchen. It has such an uplifting scent and works really well on the greasy stove messes. Great recyclable packing as well.


Pros: Fresh scent and an effective cleaner!

I love Parsley Plus! It cleans extremely well and has a really nice, yet subtle, refreshing scent. I use it on countertops, sinks, refrigerator doors, and toilet seats...works well on all of these surfaces!


Pros: smells good, cleans well non-toxic

Cons: none

Parsley Plus is my favorite! Smells clean, works well and has no toxic fumes. Will continue to buy.

Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus All Surface Cleaner

Something for those of us who want an alternative to Orange based all-purpose cleaners. Brings the fresh smell of fresh parsley into your home. Great for kitchen countertops, and other hard surface areas. You got to smell it to believe it! Comes in a 22-ounce trigger sprayer bottle. 100% biodegradable. Comes in a number 1 PET bottle. Earth Friendly Products can be found on www.Ecos.com "As a family-owned and operated company, we have tremendous control over our products. It makes us nimble - we can react to inspiration, solve problems and use our own eyes, ears and noses to quality control. We quality control ingredients before we make them into a product. Each batch is carefully monitored and a reserve is kept on fi le for reference. We know how fast or slow our products age, how stable they are on the shelf and in customers’ homes. We think every company that sells natural cleaning products should make their own; there is no other way to control products’ quality. Because we do (and of the top three, only one other green cleaning company makes their own, and they are based in Belgium,) we are able to search out new, closer sources for ingredients."

Size22 oz.
Additional Features
Percent Natural
Percent Organic
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


  • Great for use on countertops, ovens, appliances, sinks, walls, floors, ceramic tile and clothing.
  • Can use on painted surfaces, vinyl, linoleum, clothing, metal, porcelain, wood.
  • Safe on any outdoor washable surface, including grills, wooden decks and furniture. Great for cleaning inside your oven.
  • Use to remove chewing gum, adhesive, tar, asphalt, oil, lipstick, crayon, pencil marks, permanent marker, ink marks, wax, tree sap, fresh paint, creosote.


  • Gentle on skin
  • It really works
  • Safe for you and the environment
  • Non-toxic/non-polluting
  • repels dust



Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › House Cleaners › Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus All Surface Cleaner