Earth First Napkins


Pros: 100% recycled, good price.

Cons: None.

I have been using these for quite a while - good price and just fine as a napkin! There's not much to say as they are napkins... but they are good napkins - not any different in function than typical major brands. We like that they are from recycled product - our family definately recommends them.


Pros: no chlorine bleach, 100% recycled with 80% post-consumer content

Cons: no prints

These napkins are virtually indistinguishable from virgin fiber white napkins. Those of you who like prints, however, may not be as pleased as I've only found them in plain white (but I personally like them best that way). They hold up well and have the same texture and feel that you expect from any other paper napkin, minus the chlorine bleaching process and freshly mowed trees.

Earth First Napkins

Royal Paper's EARTH FIRST product was developed to meet the needs of the discerning consumer whose concerns with organics and environmental preservation have dictated that many grocery retailers increase their offerings along these lines. Our EARTH FIRST product line is: • Produced from 100% recycled paper, with up to 80% post-consumer waste • Whitened without chlorine bleaching • Meets or exceeds all EPA standards

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