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e-Zip Mountain Trailz electric bicycle Reviews

Positive Reviews


Follow-Up Review: e-Zip Mountain Trailz e-bike


Pros: Still fun and productive! It's great to ride in the town I live in as it is easier to get around and almost faster!

Cons: I didn't really like the twist grip shifter and so changed that to a rapid shift lever shifter. But that is personal choice only.

e-Zip Mountain Trailz Electric Bike The 6-month review!       So, now it's been a bit over 6-months since we purchased 3 of the eZip Mountain Trailz bike, and we have put on some decent mileage between the three.  At this point, it is safe to take a look at what may have come to light on the product that we may have missed when we did the initial review.    As everybody who has ever reviewed this bike has noticed, there is no way to get 22-miles of range as advertised by the manufacturer...unless it is 90% downhill!  But, the range is still much better than my electric scooters ever did, and we can easily cover 8 to 10-miles of distance on a fresh battery.  My son is an 8th grade student...
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Negative Reviews


Problematic but Interesting


Pros: Potential

Cons: Not reliable transportation for long trips

Wow - Did I get burned with this bicycle but I learned a lot! I planned on riding this bike 32 miles round trip (to work and back) each day in good weather. 1) The Battery connection contacts broke while riding on bumpy trails.  I modified the Connections and allowed more wire slack. 2) The 12 volt 10 Amp Hour Batteries are cheap and lose power over time.  No way could I go 16 miles one way even with 2 Currie Battery packs.  I bought 2 - 12 volt 22 Amp hour batteries and mounted them to the frame above the pedals.  Now I own the road as far as distance goes... 3) One Currie Battery pack actually leaked sulphuric acid all over the place which disolved carpeting and ate away part of...
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More Reviews


Decent, cheap electric bicycle


Pros: cheap, fun to ride, good for climbing hills

Cons: heavy, short range

I purchased this electric bike in the hopes of making my 13-mile commute to work a bit easier. It was the cheapest electric bike I could find. At ~$350, it's cheaper than a lot of non-electric bicycles. The Mountain Trailz can be a really nice bike, depending on your needs. The bike is designed as a pedal-assist, meaning you pedal and use the electric motor at the same time. It's basically a mix between a bicycle and electric scooter, and the motor makes pedalling much easier, particularly when going against a headwind or uphill. It's very simple to use - just attach the battery, flip the power switch, and use the throttle as much as you'd like. The bike also...
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Stay away from Currie Technologies customer relations


Pros: if you can get it to work, it is a decent bike

Cons: heavy..over 70 lb. Battery way overpriced at 120.

The bike is heavy, but works nicely. This is a good entry bike if you want to go electric. Just find someone other than Currie Technologies to deal with. You can go thru Wal-Mart. They will ship the bike to the store closest to you. Keep the carton and filler...just in case...and go thru Wal-Mart if it doesn't work properly.   Dealing with Currie Technologies was a horror show. Twice they sent bad batteries. I had the bike for over four months before I could actually ride it. When they sent the second battery, they actually included remarks stating "Customer is a pain."   I finally had to purchase a battery from them (at 20% off...Big Deal) just to get it on the road. They are...
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It's like owning a Ford Vehicle

 I bought my bike from Bestbuys since then the bike was a pain in the neck. The person who put it together need to learn to fix bicycles, my problem are lack battery power one battery pack the bike last up to 30-minutes and dies out. I took it back to Bestbuys and explain to them that this bike suppose to get 15-22 miles on a single charge. Bestbuys exchange my bike for a whole new bike. Bestbuys put it together and ready for next-day when I pick up my bike. And now 2-months later my front brakes needs replacing, the battery needs replacing and my controller needs need to be replace. I spend $500.00 for this bike Its should perform like a Toyota Prius on 2-wheels.  

e-Zip Mountain Trailz electric bicycle


Pros: Fast, esy to ride with good handling, great bargain price.

Cons: a bit heavy, especially with batteries mounted.

The Trailz bike is really a good deal, especially now that the price is down to $299.00 at a couple of places.  I have been looking at this line of products for two years, having been a user of electric powered scooters, one of which was the Currie S350 scooter. This scooter was one of the best and most reliable scooters anywhere. And I know this from experience, having been an evaluator of electric scooters for a publication that didn't last very long.  So, seeing the Currie name on a bike was one assurance that meant it had some quality to it. It took me two years to buy one because I already had three scooters on hand and could not justify buying the bike at the original cost of...
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