Dryer Max Dryer Balls


Pros: Softens clothes naturally while not needing chemically treated dryer sheets

At first, I bought two of these little, prickly blue balls to see how they would perform. My clothes seemed just as soft as before...however, I missed the "fresh" scent that I was accustomed to from the dryer sheets (even though I knew it was bad for me and the environment). After only a few uses of the balls, the missing scent was barely even a faint memory and I was sold on the effectiveness of the blue, prickly balls. A week or two later, I bought 2 more balls and now use all 4 of them at the same time. The manufacturer suggests that 4 balls speed the drying time even more so than 2. I don't know if this claim is true, but it makes sense to me. I love my 4 blue, prickly dryer balls and would never go back to using dryer sheets!


Pros: Cuts drying time in half!

I have a small dryer in my apartment and it would take a long time to dry anything. I bought the dryer balls to help with that problem and it cut the drying time in half! They are great! They help prevent static cling and they leave your items feeling soft. I also love that they last for a long time. I highly recommend this product.


Pros: Works as well as dryer sheets without having to worry about any chemicals.

Cons: Sheets are still a bit staticy in dry climate.

Use my balls with every load and they make clothes so soft. I even do cloth diapers and they work great for soft diapers. I just through in a sachet of lavender to make up for the scent if it's bedding and I want it to smell nice, but mostly just love that my laundry doesn't smell at all! Isn't that why we wash it? And I know I'm not polluting my home, my babies bodies or the neighborhood.


Pros: Reduce drying time and static

Dryer balls are great. They really reduce static which is usually a big problem for me (I must be very electrically charged!)

They also reduce the drying time by about 20 mins on my usual load.


Pros: Reduces Drying Time

Cons: Made of plastc

The only real bad thing I can say about these is that they are a contributor to the plastic consumption problem. They are reusable however and should last a lifetime. I find they reduce my drying time by 10-20 minutes depending on the load. At first I missed the chemical scent of dryer sheets but now I appreciate what these little balls are helping me avoid. The keep everything static free! They are worth the money


I love my dryer balls! Dryer sheets are full of chemicals and cost quite a bit over time. I have had my dryer balls for over a year and they have paid for themselves.

Dryer Max Dryer Balls

Dryer Max Dryer Balls are the safe, natural, easy way to soften fabrics while saving money on fabric softeners, dryer sheets and energy. Your clothes dry faster too. Dryer Max Dryer Balls can be used over and over again and they last for years!

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