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DRY Mobile Wash Waterless Formula


Pros: Outstanding results!

I always been really carefull in what to use in my car.  It is my most valuable asset so I always take excellent care of it.  When I was introduced to Dry Mobile Wash I wasn't sure if it worked.  The waterless process didn't sound safe.  I tested it in my wife's car and it worked so good that I gave it a try in my ferrari.  I just want to share with everyone out there that this product is just what everybody should be using on their cars!  It only took me 35min. to clean and polish my baby. 


Pros: Easy to use

I live in an urban area, where there is not really enough space to clean my car... until I found out about dry mobile wash.  This product has made it possible for me to keep my car looking nice for the ladies :)

The formula doesn't only cleans your car, but it details it.   The final results are amazing... my car looks so shiny!


Pros: Faster, cleans better, inexpensive, friendly to environment

Cons: I haven't found one..

I have been using the DRY Mobile Wash Waterless Formula for a couple of months now and I have to say that I'm completely satisfied. It's faster than any other product I have used, I wash my car in just over 20 minutes. I don't feel like I'm hurting the environment because I'm using any water.


Pros: Easy,fast,eco freandly,cheap,effective

I have tons of experience with this kind of products and this is by far the best one.The results are great.I would recommend it to anyone who likes a clean polished car and likes things done fast and effective.


Pros: White residue left after removing dirt was super easy to remove

I am a professional detailer in the Greater Seattle area.  I been using waterless products for 3 years.

As a social entrepreneur I have always been very inclined to green products.  My main concern with the waterless process what that the white residue left after removing the dirt was very difficult to remove.

I just tried DRY Mobile Wash for the first time this weekend and I am so pleased with it.   The formula also leaves a white residue, but is really easy to remove.  I recommend this product to whoever likes to pay less, and expect more.

DRY Mobile Wash Waterless Formula

Dry Mobile Wash is a non-wax, water-based, organic-plant-based soap/ surfactant/ special proprietary polymer formula that can be used on everything except the tires. The coconut-based soaps dissolve the harmful dirt on contact and protect it from scratching. Dry Mobile Wash is very easy to use and can be used on a wet or dry car. The formula is also great to clean, polish and protect: Motorcycles, boats, planes, LCD screens, laptops, cameras and other delicate valuable assets you may have. Directions: Spray product onto a folded microfiber towel and onto the area to be cleaned. 2. Gently rub the product onto the surface with a clean, folded microfiber towel. 3. Using second, folded, microfiber towel, quickly buff off the remaining residue. Replace towels if they become too soiled. Repeat steps 1-3 until vehicle is clean. For best results use in the shade out of direct sunlight. For more information visit:

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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › Car Care › DRY Mobile Wash Waterless Formula