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Dr. Kracker Seedlander Snackers

88% Positive Reviews
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Pros: very dense, crunchy, filling

Cons: not lots of taste

 had these crackers last night at Huddler's taste of green event!!  was great to get to try these.  i was starving, so the fact that they were super dense, filling, and nutritious was a positive.  however, despite my hunger, they were still a bit tasteless on their own.  i probably wouldn't be inclined to devour a whole box (which is probably a good thing! haha).  anyway, would like to try these again sometime as an accompaniment to good cheeses, because that'd probably be better.  on their own, not lots of taste, but decent enough to snack on, for sure!


Pros: Whole grain, organic, seedy, delicious, crunchy

My first exposure to Dr. Kracker was with the flatbreads, which I love.  So I figured...hey!  Why not pick up some Seedlander Snackers?  The snackers are pre-cut into bite-sized bits so unlike with the flatbreads which sprinkle some seeds when you break them into smaller pieces, you can just pop a snacker right into your mouth.


Let me tell you...these little guys are trouble.  They're just sitting on my desk...calling me.  "Open up the box!   We're so tasty."  They're packed with good whole grains, they're organic, and they're covered in delicous little seeds.  I am a huge fan.  They're a little sweeter (or at least not as salty) as the flatbreads I've had, and they're not as hard (in my opinion) but I love the crunch on both of them.


So good.  Mmmm.....


Pros: Good flavor, crunchy, whole grain

Cons: Too hard

 These are good tasting crackers with lots of whole grain, but they are a little harder than I would like.  I like crunchiness but maybe not this crunchy.  They taste good with stronger cheeses.


Pros: whole grain, organic

Cons: crunchy crunchy

Here's a heads up for the cheese lovers out there--the pumpkin cheddar and sunflower cheddar are the best of the group!  Other than that the other flavors are good but very crunchy.  I would think they would go well with hummus at a social gathering.


Pros: Great combo of seeds

Cons: Addicting!

 Fun little cracker with a big yum factor.  The poppy seeds added onto this give it such a good kick!!!  Lots going on with each bite - yet not overpowering at all.  Love it.


Crunchy, whole grain-y (I think I just made up that word.). When I want crackers, this is what I want. Gives a good crunch, but doesn't disappear after that first crunch like potato chips do. Feels like you're eating something substantial, not just using it as a vehicle to get other things to your mouth (like salsa). Easily could eat these on their own. Good for dipping, spreading, scooping, and all activities related to application of other things on top of crackers.


Pros: crunchy

Cons: dense, tasteless, dry

I had these this past week and thought they were okay. They were way too dense and nothing special. They are nutritious though.


Pros: Had good texture and variety of seeds

Cons: would be good with something to spread on them

These crackers are great a being exactly what they are...crackers.  They are a means for something to be spread on them.  Unless you're really hungry, I wouldn't nosh on these too much along.  I would definitely buy them as crackers for a great cheese spread or chutney.  They have a good selection of seeds on top which makes them more interesting and fun to eat.  They are pretty aesthetically pleasing as well.



Dr. Kracker Seedlander Snackers

Product Description Dr. Kracker Seedlander Snacker is baked with specially milled organic spelt flour. Dr. Kracker combines the crunch of millet, sweetness of molasses, special flavor of pumpkin seeds, and nuttiness of poppy seeds to create a kracker that can be served and eaten in so many ways: just use your imagination. Product Description Made with spelt. All natural organic breads. USDA organic. Certified organic by Texas Department of Agriculture. 100% Whole grain - excellent source.

Height7 inches
Width7 inches
Additional Features
TypeCrackers or pretzels
Release Date2006-03-15
BrandDr. Kracker
Length17 inches
LabelDr. Kracker
List Price$34.80
ManufacturerDr. Kracker
Package Quantity5
PublisherDr. Kracker
StudioDr. Kracker
Number Of Items5
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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