Dr. Kracker Flatbread

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Pros: Hearty cracker

Cons: Very crunchy

I tried the Sunflower Cheddar flavor of this cracker.  The flavor is really good but they sure are crunchy.  I think they would be perfect to eat with a dip or maybe tuna on top. 

Once you get past how crunchy they are the flavor is very nice.  I would buy these again but will pair them with something and not just eat on their own.


Pros: Crunchy, not wimpy, organic, full of good ingredients, delicious

Cons: You might leave seeds all over your table, floor, or shirt front

I first tasted Dr. Kracker at SF Green Fest, but just the other day, I was standing in the aisles at Whole Foods contemplating which crackers to buy.  I grabbed a box of Dr. Kracker's Klassic 3 Seed Flatbreads.  Let's see...that was on Monday.  It's Thursday now.  And all 8 of the flatbreads have been eaten between two of us.  Yes, they're that tasty.  And I still felt like I had to restrain myself!


The box says "Uber delicious! Uber crunch" and they're not lying.  They are both uber delicious and uber crunchy.  I have yet to treat myself to all the different kinds of Dr. Kracker, but believe me, it's on the list of things to do.  I ate them straight, but I would imagine they'd be super tasty with some hummus or soft cheese.  Yes, I believe that would make a lovely contrast to the crunchiness of the cracker.  The crackers are also organi, made with who grains, have 3g of fiber per flatbread, 5g of protein...and the box is made out of recycled cardboard.


Now the only thing is...because the flatbreads are so ladden with seeds and deliciousness, you might find you've accidentally left deliciousness in the form of crumbs and fallen seeds on your desk, table, floor, or elsewhere.  But I think a little messy factor is well worth it.  Plus, it'll encourage you to sweep.  Or take a sponge to your table.  And that's probably a good idea anyway.


UPDATE: Shortly after I finished my box of Klassics, I picked up a box of Sunflower Cheddar.  Mmm...mmmmmmmm....mmmm!!!  Yeah that's right.  Three "mmm's."  So very tasty. 


Pros: tastes great, does not easily break when dipping, wonderful amount of seeds

Cons: too crunchy?

Wow! These are crunchy even for a crunch fanatic like me. They are beyond crunchy. The Seeded Spelt flavor is great, but I have mixed feelings about the crunchiness. In a soup these would be great because they could be wetted a bit and softened some, but as a cracker with dip or with something like tuna salad I had trouble eating these without breaking each cracker into pieces first. Still I did enjoy eating them and tasting the sunflower seeds and other grains. I love the amount of seeds and grains these crackers have. Dr. Kracker is not greedy.  Still I would like to taste a thinner version of these. Maybe the thickness of the cracker would make a difference. My seven year old daighter loved the cracker, my husband thought they were okay and my 4 year old enjoyed them too, but I had to break hers into pieces too.


Pros: very tasty

these are very tasty crackers, nice and crunchy, loaded with seeds.  not too much variation in all of the flavors.  good thing the basic flavor is delish.  good with cheese and not overly salty.  looking at the ingridients, these little crackers appear to be pretty healthy as well.


Pros: so delicious + good for you

Cons: none, honestly


i was super dubious about trying these initially..."pumpkin seed cheddar" flavor sounded, well, weird, and i didn't quite find the picture on the box very appetizing.  boy was i wrong.  these are SO good.  and they are so filling, so i don't overindulge on these crackers -- i can eat just one flatbread (versus the good chance i'll devour half a box of cheez-its or their equivalent in one sitting).  


i'll often have a flatbread to tide me over until dinner; they're also great with soup (tomato and roasted pepper from trader joes!).  recommended highly.




Pros: Super yummy, super crunchy, versatile

I tried the Klassick 3 Seed & the Pumpkin Seed Cheddar and they were both equally delicious.  If you want something to satisfy that crunch craving then don't look any further than these crackers.  I love how versatile they can be as well.  You can eat them as is or you can put other things on them to make a great snack or even a tasty meal.  I liked the Pumpkin Seed Cheddar w/ Sun Butter spread on it and both flavors are great w/ Mozzarella, Tomato's, Basil & a drizzle of Olive Oil.  The possibilities are endless really.  They are so thick and crunchy that it's easy to pile them w/ stuff and not worry about them crumbling all over.  Mmmmmmm....I will definitely be getting more of these because they didn't last long in this house. 


Pros: Very filling, healthy

Cons: Pretty hard

My husband and I have different feelings about these crackers.  He was love at first bite.  Me...I wasn't too sure.  They are very hard crackers, and I didn't know if I liked the taste - until I spread some hummus on top.  The crackers are so substantial, you could stick a little lettuce and tomato on there with your hummus, and have half your lunch taken care of!  While they are not my favorite crackers, my husband wants to buy more, and I am sure I'll eat my fair share.  If you want filling cracker full of texture, this is probably a good bet!  Just have some hummus handy in case the flavor doesn't immediately win you over.


Pros: Organic flatbread with great flavors.

Cons: ...you might break a tooth!

I tried out the "Pumpkin Seed Cheddar" flavor of this very VERY crunchy flatbread.  The flavor was surprisingly good!  The cheddar comes out as that of a deep, maybe even sharp cheddar - in a baked on way.  The pumpkin seed works well with it all.  ...one warning:  It is very hard crunchy stuff.  The box label even describes it as "uber crunch!"  They are not kidding.  If you have certain dental work, this may not be the best snack for you... really.  For everyone else, it is great stuff!!! 


These flatbreads would go great in softer combinations like artichoke dips, quacamole, thin salami, and cheeses - lots of others as well.   If you eat it while driving - try to keep your eyes open, and be prepared to clean up some crumbs!!!  LOL !!!


Certified USDA Organic.

Made in a tree nut and peanut-free factory.

Appears to be made in Texas, USA.


Pros: Good flavor, good nutrition

Cons: little too hard

I had the cheddar sunflower ones.  They taste very good, I also put some cream cheese on top, which made a good combination.  They are very hard though.  I have trouble with my jaw and can't even bite into an apple without pain, so these required a little too much chewing effort for me.  Which could be good from a calorie burning standpoint :)  I would recommend them to others, and think they would make great appetizers for small get-togethers.


I don't think any description can prepare you for how crunchy these crackers are... Even I, a cracker addict and lover of crunchiness, was shocked at how hard and crunchy they were. Of course by the time I finished the box I was used to it and now all other crackers seem too soft! The taste is awesome, with generous amounts of seeds, which I love. I think with the amount of seeds included, this is a healthy snack. I have had them on their own and with cheese and they taste great either way.

Dr. Kracker Flatbread

Product Description Dr. Kracker Klassic 3 Seed Flatbread mixes flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds -- the threesome considered the classic mix of seeds for crusty breakfast rolls in Germany. The nutty flavor of flaxseeds comes through in this kracker, which is good with many toppings, from nut butters to cheeses, from fresh avocado to prosciutto, from hummus to smoked salmon. Product Description Doctor Kracker organic and artisan-baked Klassic 3 seed flatbreads, 8 whole grain flatbreads

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