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Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Polypropylene Bottle


Pros: Slower milk flow from the nipple

Cons: A little more time consuming to clean...but well worth it!

After purchasing numerous types and different brands of bottles...this one was the only one suited for my newborn. Due to some nursing issues, we had to start our little one earlier on the bottle than we had planned. The problem with most bottles is that the nipple dripped milk out too quickly for my son and most of it would end up on his clothes and he would choke on it. I think he really prefers this bottle...he no longer screams with a large puddle of milk in his mouth. With all other bottles that I tried, he also got horrible gas bubbles that would keep him awake screaming for hours...he did not get this with the Dr. Brown bottles.


Pros: BPA free, no gas worry

Cons: lots of parts to wash

We have used the non-BPA and now the BPA free bottles with our son.  We tried a few bottles before switching to Dr. Brown's and we could see a big reduction in his gas related problems.  The only time we have had any trouble with leaking is when we filled it above the line that says not to fill beyond or it will leak. :)  There are a few parts to clean but it is a fair trade off to keep our son gas free.  Highly Recommend.


Cons: leaks like crazy

I can't say much for these.  When I used them, it was before they removed BPA, but aside from that it was still the same bottle.  They were horrible.  They leaked like crazy, as soon as you tipped them up, a ton of milk came flooding out the side of the ring, thanks to the ventilation system.  I would have to stop feeding, readjust the cap, and try again.  After a few times, and losing half the formula, the leaking stopped.  And cleaning the zillion tiny parts was a pain too. 


At the zoo this past summer, we were walking by a lady sitting and holding her baby.  The stroller was sitting next to them and there was milk pouring out of the mesh pouch in the back.  When I got closer, I saw the culprit was a Dr Brown's bottle laying on it's side. 


Pros: Helps Babies with Gas issues

Cons: lots of parts

This design of baby bottles did great for both my babies of keeping there over active gas at bay ;-)  However it does have alot of pieces which make it a bit of a pain, for me it was worth it though to not have a baby up screaming all night.  Good buy!


Pros: easy on the tummy, no BPA

Cons: expensive, more parts to wash

I have a few types of the Dr. Brown's bottles including glass and these are the best.  I've not really used any other types of bottles so I can't say for sure that they keep the gas away but my daughter has never had any issues.  These bottles do take a bit more work to clean since there are a couple of extra parts but I think it's worth it.  I have no idea where the company who manufatures the bottles stands on the environment.


Pros: Reduces gas, BPA-free, lightweight

Cons: Lots of parts to clean

 These bottles are great for babies with sensitive stomachs. The unique venting system helps to cut down on gas and spit-up. I like Dr. Brown's polypropylene bottles much better than their glass counterparts (which tend to leak more and are too heavy). 

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Polypropylene Bottle

The Dr. Brown's Natural Flow baby bottle is the only baby bottle that features a patented internal vent system. The patented internal vent system is the only vent system that eliminates the air bubbles and vacuum effect. It allows air to enter into the nipple collor without being incorporated into the breastmilk or formula. Allowing positive-pressure feeding with no air - similar to breast-feeding. Designed to reduce colic, spit up, burping and gas. BPA-Free All Dr. Brown’s bottles include the two-piece patented internal vent, Level-One silicone nipple, cleaning brush and instruction sheet.

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MaterialBPA-free plastic
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