Dr. Bronner's Organic Hand and Body Soap Reviews


Lemongrass Lime = Happiness


Pros: Smells like lemon bars! Effective lathering, clean hands, fair trade and organic ingredients.

Cons: Not available in larger refill sizes

Thank you Huddler for bringing a new love to my life... I had previously filled our soap dispensers with the Dr. Bronners peppermint classic soap, and diluted it by half.  That combination lathered really well, even though it was quite watery. Dr. B's intended hand soap feels luxuriously thick compared to my watered down home brew.  It smells like lemon bars, and feels quite pleasant to lather up- not sticky or slipper like some liquid soaps- this stuff glides on.  It even rinses off quickly and completely.  Fair trade and organic ingredients.   What else could I ask for in a soap?  All I can think of is some kind of refill option- like the pouches favored by Method, or the gallon jugs...
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Some of the best hand soap evar!


Pros: Great fragrance, cleans well

We used the Spearmint Peppermint and it's some of the best hand soap I've ever used.  It smells great, does an incredible job of cleaning with no residue and doesn't dry out your hands.  The only issue is that it's quite expensive for a bottle of hand soap, but it might just be worth it, considering the ingredients and quality.

I think I have a new hand soap!


Pros: Great soap, glad there are other fragrances to choose.

Cons: Not really any ...

I received this product as one of the Huddler winners - thank you again!  I found this soap to feel nice and clean well.  It is a rich soap so it may need more rinsing... We rec'd the "Tea Tree" scent - which is OK... looking forward to sampling some of the others in the future.  Love that it is both fair trade and certified organic - huge plus.  I have a feeling that this soap will quietly replace our other hand soaps in the house :-)

pretty sweet soap


Pros: nice smell, organic, fair trade

Cons: kind of expensive if you have to buy it!

I just got this soap as one of the second Huddler contest prizes, and I really like it.  I got the peppermint/spearmint scent, and it smells really nice.  It also works well, and I really like that it's got both organic and fair trade ingredients.  Very cool stuff!

Great Hand Soap


Pros: Organic, fair trade, tea trea (antibacterial)

Cons: I like the smell of tea tree, but if you don't, you may want another "flavor" of this soap

I like the tea tree version of this soap. It is a nice, natural antibacterial soap without harsh chemicals that does not dry your hands out like hand sanitizer or antibacterial soaps. We picked it up at Whole Foods.

Dr. Bronner's wins again


Pros: Cleans really well, not drying

$7.99 seems like a lot to pay for a 12 ounce bottle of hand soap. But let me tell you...this new one from Dr. Bronner's is a winner. First of all, it's organic AND fair trade certified, so major bonus points there. Beyond that...it's just a great soap. It leaves my hands feeling nice and clean and isn't drying at all. I've only tried the mint scent but it's incredibly refreshing and it's always a nice pick-me-up. It seems to take me a little bit longer to rinse the soap off of my hands than some of the conventional soaps I've used, but I actually like that (although I'm less thrilled about the extra water I use). I figure since you're supposed to rub your hands together for as long...
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Love the smell...miss the crazy packaging


Pros: Smells great

Cons: no more crazy packaging

We just started using this hand soap at Huddler after a long time with Method products. We have the peppermint one and it smells so good and definitely leaves me feeling clean. I prefer hand soaps that wash off really quickly and leave that squeaky clean-ness (when you rub your wet hands together)...this one takes some work to feel like it's totally off, but that's no big deal. I will admit, I miss the crazy packaging, but suppose this is a great step to Dr. B going more mainstream and I'm all for that.

Lovely Soap


Pros: yummy smell and feel

Cons: yikes to the cost

I got this as part of a huddler contest and it is a truely lovely soap. We have the lemongrass lime kind so my husband and i both love using it. The cost is much to much for us to buy it again, especially when we make our own homemade natural soaps, the cost comparasion is too radicle, but this is a great soap.

Fantastic soap!


Pros: cleans well, does not dry

Cons: price

I got this in my Huddler contest package and I am glad I got a chance to try it because the price was definitely a deterrent for me. I have the peppermint scent which I use in my kitchen to wash my hands. Since dish soaps tend to dry my hands, this soap solved my problem! It leaves my hands squeaky clean and with a wonderful scent that is appropriate for the kitchen too! I did not notice it taking longer to wash out though. I love that it lathers well and has the right consistency. Not too thick or too thin. And of course, you can't beat the fact that it is fair trade and organic! I like the packaging as well but I would prefer some refill option. It says on the bottle that you shouldn't...
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