Best Liquid Soap

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Pros: smells great, concentrated, great value, organic, environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, cold-hard-water compatible

I have always had a hard time finding any soap that my skin didn't protest - loudly. Dr. Bronner's is simply the best, most skin-friendly soap I have ever used. It comes in a wonderful variety of scents - or unscented - and I've tried the lavender, almond, peppermint and unscented... in fact I have three of them at the moment. It uses all organic oils, no chemical surfactants or sudsing agents. It cleans wonderfully, even in hard water, and a single 16 oz bottle can easily last for 6 months - even using it as shampoo as well as body wash - so the price per size is fantastic - of course the bigger you go the more you save, and you can buy it by the gallon. Besides being animal-friendly and earth-friendly, as a bonus the company is fair-trade on most of it's ingredients, so it also humanity-friendly.


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