Dr. Bronner's All-In-One Organic Shaving Gel Reviews

Positive Reviews


Not your traditional shaving cream


Pros: The peppermint one smells great, not drying on your skin

Cons: Takes some effort to foam it up nicely

I do actually really like this shaving gel...it's just not very traditional (meaning it's not the foam you spray out of a can).  It comes out of the tube, rather brown and a tad rough (be careful to not squeeze out too much...I did that the first time I opened it).   It takes about 30 seconds of rubbing to get it lathered up nicely.  I haven't always been successful at it...sometimes I just give up and pretend it's a shower gel that's not supposed to lather.  I don't think I've mastered the art, but I recommend moving out of the water (or turning off the shower completely for a few minutes).  I tend to turn off the water, put my leg up on the edge of the tub, and lather up with both hands...
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Negative Reviews


it's a miss

 they call it "shaving soap gel."  and let me tell you, it's hardly more effective than just using lathered soap!  it really doesn't provide any protection/lubrication from the razor.  it smells weird (to me -- i used the lemongrass/lime scent).  it looks gross (brown, soupy liquid).  two thumbs down.  sorry, dr. b's!