DIY Electric Vehicle Conversion Reviews


Battery Conversion


Pros: No gas, no emmisions, fewer repairs.

Cons: Limited range, lengthy recharge time.

As a daily commuter, this vehicle can't be beat!  It has more off the line power than it did with a gas engine, is better handling and more comfortable to drive.  If I dump the amps into the motor it runs like a slot car, but will reduce my range to just over 30 miles.  If I am careful and drive like there is an egg between my foot and the accelerator, I can stretch that to almost 90 miles.  It is a very heavy vehicle now so it rides like an old cadilac.  It still has 4 wheel drive for the snow, and handles great.  It has battery warmers for when it's cold and the heater is instantly hot and will have you sweating in no time. It looks just like a normal vehicle so it is dissapointing that...
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