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DIY Electric Vehicle Conversion


Pros: No gas, no emmisions, fewer repairs.

Cons: Limited range, lengthy recharge time.

As a daily commuter, this vehicle can't be beat!  It has more off the line power than it did with a gas engine, is better handling and more comfortable to drive.  If I dump the amps into the motor it runs like a slot car, but will reduce my range to just over 30 miles.  If I am careful and drive like there is an egg between my foot and the accelerator, I can stretch that to almost 90 miles.  It is a very heavy vehicle now so it rides like an old cadilac.  It still has 4 wheel drive for the snow, and handles great.  It has battery warmers for when it's cold and the heater is instantly hot and will have you sweating in no time.


It looks just like a normal vehicle so it is dissapointing that more people don't ask questions about it.  I have on 2 occasions ran out of juice before I got home and had to ask strangers if I could plug into an outlet for 15-30 minutes.  I carry a 100' cord with me at all times now, just in case.  I plan my trips better now.  I still have a gas car for when I need to go on trips, but may get rid of it and just rent a car to save money.  I have also been playing with the idea of a trailered genset to extend my range, but they are rather expensive for as little as I would use it.


I only have about a 15 mile commute and I could probably even charge at work if I needed to.  Back when gas was around $3.20/gal I was spending about $35.00/week, but I was driving more also.  Now that it is all electric it is costing me $22.00/month for electricity and about $25.00/month for batteries because they do eventually need to be replaced.  My insurance company gave me a 10% discount because it is all electric.  It does not have a clutch anymore and has no need for major engine repairs, but the brakes do have to be replaced sooner because this vehicle does NOT have regenerative braking.


If anyone is serious about being as independant as possible, get an electric conversion and solar power.  That way you can drive on sunshine!

DIY Electric Vehicle Conversion

This is a vehicle that you or someone else has converted from gasoline to battery electric. Rather than having an internal combustion engine, these vehicles have a 0 emissions electric motor and some form of electrical storage. Typically these vehicles are several times more efficient at taking energy and converting it into miles down the road than internal combustion vehicles including hybrid electric vehicles. However, they typically do not have the same energy storage capacity of internal combustion vehicles and are limited to commuting short distances before needing to be recharged. These vehicles are only good for 80% - 90% of America's driving needs.

Additional Features
Fuel TypeAll-electric (plug-in)
Miles per ChargeVaries
EV TypeHighway speed vehicle
Top Speed80+ is not uncommon
Release Date
Release StatusAvailable
Body Type
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Transportation › Fuel Efficient Automobiles › Electric Cars › DIY Electric Vehicle Conversion