Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil & Sea Kelp Reviews




Pros: cleanses well, clean scent, powerful

I adore this face wash. I find that the drying doesn't happen if I cover my face with aloe after my shower, but I do that every time regardless. I've used the thoroughly clean face wash for years and I think it's perfect for my combination skin. :)

Does the job


Pros: cleans well, smells good, only take a little

Cons: pretty strong, definitely keep away from eyes

I think this is what I have, it might just be a newer version, mine says with Tea Tree Oil & Awapuhi.   I like this stuff well enough.  It lasts forever, only takes a small bit.  It is pretty potent though, I keep accidentally getting it around my eyes and if you don't rinse it away really well before you open them, you are in for quite a sting.   It does dry my skin a little in the winter, but I combine it with the Desert Essence Essential Facial Moisturizer.

Good one


Pros: cleans great

Cons: a bit drying

OK, here is the deal. This is soap based so it will dry your skin a bit. I have oily skin and live in a really cold climate so I use this only in the summer when my skin can use the extra cleansing power. I use a creamier cleanser in the winter. It is very thin and lathers up well and leaves the skin squeaky clean. I have noticed fewer breakouts as well so overall I would recommend it. I have some in a tiny bottle and I am taking this puppy everywhere! The smell is OK, nothing to rave about.