Coyuchi Bath Towel Set - Willow Reviews


Lovely organic towel...kind of smells like trees


Pros: Organic cotton, not too thick

Cons: A little more expensive than conventional towels

I picked up one of these Coyuchi Organic Bath towels about six months ago from my local SF eco shops.  Now...I'm not the primary user of the towel in my house, but I really like it.  And honestly, I probably should have given my boyfriend the other towel I got and kept this one.  :-)  It's soft but not too plush or thick (so if you like really thick towels....this one is probably not for you).  It's got kind of a waffle texture and the one I have is the willow color, compared to their other white towels.  It absorbs water well and doesn't leave you covered in towel fuzz.  And when the towel is new, it kind of smells woodsy.  Last but not least, it's made with organic cotton.  I'd...
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